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Red Bullshit

As soon as they walk off to hair and makeup, Kim says, "You guys are gonna replace her Red Bulls, right?" First of all, there is no "you guys." Second of all, deal with it later. Bre says that she doesn't want to talk about it. Kim asks why Bre is mad at her, and says that she doesn't want there to be conflict. Then drop it, dumb-ass. Bre says she's not mad at Kim. She interviews, "What? Hello? Hi? I think you should mind your business." In other words, she is mad at Kim. Again with the practicing what you preach, Bre, you paradigm of virtue, you! Bre says that she didn't do anything, and Kim says that it's not cool to steal people's stuff. Bre gets all sassy and sarcastic and says that it sucks when people touch your stuff, right? Kim says that yeah, she guesses so, and Bre says that she thinks it sucks when people touch your stuff, too. It's hard to be too mad at Bre only because she is wearing cute little pigtails and looks like Rudy Huxtable. Kim says that she wants Bre to replace it so that they don't have to deal with it. Bre says, "No." Kim's bad-ass retort is, "Okay. Fine. Then don't." Oooh, way to burn her, Kim!

Jayla quite astutely interviews that Kim was trying to mediate, but she really just put herself in the middle of the situation and drew herself into the problem she was trying to fix. Bre tells Kim that she feels Kim is playing both sides of the fence. Kim says that she's playing no sides of the fence, and that she doesn't understand why Bre doesn't trust her. Bre just goes, "Auuuuuugh!" and walks away. Bre says that she needs a corner to sit in. Kim tells her to take her corner. Bre instructs Kim not to say another word to her. They both look uncomfortable as we head to commercials.

In this week's My Life as a Cover Girl, Naima goes back to the coffee shop she "used to" work at. Instead of serving coffee, she serves makeup. Her personality really shines when she tells us that she went to one table full of Japanese women who didn't speak English very well, but that eventually they got it because "make-up is a universal concept for women," and Cover Girl is the universal language of gooey crap.

When we return, Bre tells Kim not to talk to her. Kim interviews that she just asked Bre a simple question, and that Bre blew up. She says that she was just trying to mediate and not have any more conflict, but obviously that was a mistake. Jayla and Kim talk in low voices, and Jayla says that Bre was just trying to prove a point about not touching other people's stuff. Kim says that she doesn't think Nicole touched the granola bars. Kim is wearing a yellow striped Where's Waldo shirt for variety. She says that there are times when you're distracted by emotional stuff, and that she's trying to focus, but that Bre's anger is out of control and it's a little scary.

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