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The next photo shoot was all about recycling, and even the girls' outfits were created out of recyclable materials. I mean, in some cases. Some of them are just dresses. And actually, I doubt the rest are actually recyclable materials, so there you go. Saleisha made some fierce car parts, while Jenah worked her cardboard couture. Ambreal, however, was as uninspiring as newspaper ink that rubs all over your hands, which was greatly upsetting to her. But Ebony's lackluster attitude was the real standout of the day. Jay confronts her about it, and she could give two shits. He says she's the most uninspiring person he's ever worked with. At elimination, the judges decide that Ebony has more potential than Ambreal, but Ebony has another plan. And that plan is to nicely shove it in Tyra's face and tell her she wants to go home. This, of course, leads to Tyra telling us that the most unattractive thing in the world to her is a quitter, and on this point I must quote my friend Rich, who summed up everything I think about Tyra in one perfect sentence: "I guess we can expect a follow-up to "Shake Ya Body" any day now."

Ebony tells us she did what she did because she knows she doesn't want this, and Ambreal wants it a million times more than she does. See, that's totally fair. Ebony says her family will be so disappointed when they find out that she quit, but she needs to stand up and do what's best for her. Who knew that Ebony would become the paragon of mental health by mid season?

And now, eight girls remain! Ambreal, the Howard student from Dallas, who's been given a second chance to make it to the top. Heather, the statuesque stunner from Valparaiso, Indiana. Saleisha, the spunky sweetie from Los Angeles. Sarah, the girl with the fascinating features, from Heath, Massachusetts. Chantal, the bubbly blonde from Austin. Bianca, the striking and straightforward competitor from Queens. Jenah, the ethereal, photogenic beauty from Farmington, Connecticut, and Lisa, the sexy standout from Jersey City. What do you think it means that only Ambreal and Jenah didn't have alliterative adjectives?

Next: More fake screaming for Tyra. BUSTED! And then a music video shoot takes a tragic turn. I think it might just be Heather fainting from her Adderall again, though.

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