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And then, smoking side-effect shoot! Ugh, I do not need to relive this. We see Heather's awkwardness in having to pose with Saleisha. She interviews that she tries as hard as she can, but her disability does affect how she interacts with people. Lisa did a good job of looking super-sad, and tells us that for the majority of her life, she's been trying to get her mom to stop smoking. Given that she was in foster care for six years, I imagine she has been trying to get her mom to stop doing a lot of things. Mila, on the other hand, couldn't take her chemotherapy-induced hair loss seriously. She does look pretty ridiculous. The first shoot was barely in the bag when Bianca and Lisa shared a few "choice words." Oooh, this was when they had it out and Bianca totally told Lisa that America's Next Top Model isn't going to be a stripper, and Lisa told her that if she wants to bring it to that f'ing level, she can bring it to that f'ing level. That really was below the belt. Even Ebony, when she was pretending to be all stank, probably wouldn't have gone there. And then, to the surprise of no one, Mila went home. Well, she claims it will be to the surprise of her friends, but even though those friends are imaginary, I doubt that they'll be totally blindsided. Commercials.

When we return, we're reminded of something that never really became a storyline: the smoking ban! Yes, that's right. At the first panel, Tyra announced that this would be a no-smoking season. Smoker Jenah says that she's about to eat a cigarette. That's gross, in accordance with Jenah in general. Jenah deals with her frustration by throwing koosh balls at the other girls. Oooh! Hit Saleisha! And let that be a rock disguised as a koosh ball! But bad habits weren't the only thing that Jenah broke. We learn that Jenah was swimming in the pool one night and, she says, "I was just swimming and I floated up gently and just filed my tooth right down." The fuck? The water is so chlorinated that it can eat away teeth? God knows Jenah can't close her lips over those buck fangs, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Jenah, however, didn't know what happened because, she says, she can open beer bottles with her teeth. Can and did repeatedly, which is how, I guess, she smashed her face against the bottom of the pool. I mean, there is a huge chunk missing from the bottom of her tooth. Maybe this is actually all part of Jenah's plan to get those suckers filed down some day, some way. Janet assures Jenah that the show isn't going to let her look all busted like that. Ah, such comforting words from the mom of the house. Jenah takes a trip to our old friend, Dr. Edgardo Falcon, Jr., the dentist. He fixes up her broken tooth with no problems, and it looks the same as before, unfortunately.

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