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When we return, we learn that Bianca, upset by Kimberly's elimination, went to the bathroom to "let it all out." We hear lots and lots of running water. I don't know what this means. Oh, wait, yes I do. And let me tell you how much I'd like to return to my state of ignorant bliss. Heather stands outside the door and tells Bianca not to clog up the toilet. Alas, her words are in vain, and Janet has to teach Bianca how to unclog the toilet. This just goes to show that while verbally abusing your competitors releases some bile, there still may be mounds stored up somewhere inside. Bianca likes Janet. I guess if you flush Bianca's shit down the toilet, you are safe from her tirades at least for a little while. That is like a challenge win in itself, is it not?

And then, makeover time! The girls go to the Ken Paves salon. Jenah gets the Pee-Colored Weave of Death, but doesn't seem to mind. Sarah also loves her new short cut. Things didn't go so well for Bianca, however, and she got her hair shaved the hell off. If irony makes a clang, karma sounds just like an electric razor. Miss J. tells her that she might be sad and crying, but that's the business. I do enjoy when the Jays get tough with the girls at makeover time. Bianca says that she's going to make something of this and win. Eh, we'll see. Meanwhile, Miss J. wears Ebony's old weave while Jay gets a Blonde Death Weave of his own.

Back at home, Saleisha struggles with her Tootie cut, saying it's the tightest weave she's ever had in her life. She tells us that you wouldn't think it, but this experience is stressful. She just doesn't know what to do with that cut. Oh, throw on an argyle sweater and knee socks and beg Mrs. Garrett to take you to a Jermaine Jackson concert. I do have to give Saleisha credit, though, for being smart enough to keep the tears at home and know that she has to go into judging acting confident and like she loves it. Jenah, meanwhile, found a big hunk of hair somewhere and so is tormenting Ambreal with it. Ambreal apparently has a phobia about hair. It's not like Jenah pulled it out of the shower drain. Jenah then tells us that once in a while, Ambreal would do something really crazy. And that crazy thing was flushing the spare weave down the toilet. Those poor guys at Roto-Rooter. I don't even want to know all the things they see.

For their photo shoot, the girls were made up as flowers. Ebony tells us that the last thing she wants to do is go home, so she's going to bring it all. She does, and so does Lisa. Victoria, meanwhile, put too much thought into her cactus pose, and Chantal had a hard time thinking for herself as Jay and the photographer gave conflicting advice. And then it was time for panel. As Tyra says, "Victoria's attitude at panel had been consistently argumentative, particularly with Twiggy." We get Victoria's greatest hits (at Twiggy) as she asks what's unusual about her, and denies being prickly. Tyra tells Victoria that she confuses showing personality with showing abrasiveness. I do think that's fair. An eliminated Victoria tells us that she gets really nervous at panel and comes off as abrasive, but really she's not like that at all. See, that's also fair. She adds that she doesn't think she was one of the prettiest girls there, but interesting is better than pretty. I think Victoria confuses nervous abrasiveness with being interesting. Commercials.

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