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When we return, it's time for Jenah to play a prank on Sarah. Who knew Jenah, like, actually did anything? Sarah takes off her bikini to in the hot tub and Jenah tries to grab it. And then...Jenah does grab it. It's all very exciting. They run through the house, and it's boobie madness. Sarah says she loves Jenah, and that running through the house together naked really makes you bond with someone. The thing I can't get over about this scene is that Sarah is supposed to be plus-sized.

Later, it's time for a posing teach with Benny Ninja. On trampolines. See, if Jenah would have broken a tooth here, it would have made sense. Janet says that she's not so sure about the trampoline, but in modeling, there are things that you're not going to be fond of. Naomi Campbell. Ambreal does a great job. Later on, a revealing game brought the girls closer together. Basically, they all get scraps of paper, and I think with each scrap of paper you pick, you have to tell something about yourself. Heather says the bedtime movie she used to watch as a kid was Terminator 2. Heather is the classic "so wrong it's right," isn't she? Saleisha cheerily says she is afraid of spiders. Then Bianca tells them that the point is to tell really emotional stuff. I think she's just gathering ammunition, but if the rest of them haven't wised up by now, they deserve what they get. Heather says until she got to high school she thought she was ugly. Her and the rest of the world. Okay, except Chantal. But don't make me tell you all about my thirteen-year-old permed bangs.

During this same confessional fun hour, Bianca says she's confrontational now because when she was younger, she got picked on a lot, and she's been hurt in her life, so she has a hard exterior around her. See, the thing I like about Bianca is that she knows the game so well she doesn't even need Typrah Winbanks to drag this out of her in an intervention sequence. Chantal is crying, and she interviews that Bianca has done a real 180 from being super-stank to being happy and friendly. Maybe she's like Samson? Jenah tells the others that they're some of the bravest and most confident and real people she's ever met, and she thinks they're all a lot cooler and a lot more confident and a lot better than she will ever be. And a lot less albino-looking, for sure.

It was then time for the girls to push their posing skills to the edge, as their photo shoot saw them transform into high fashion gargoyles on a skyscraper. Jenah was psyched about being a gargoyle, and did a great job, while Bianca finally learned to smile with her eyes. Wait, I thought it was the next shoot where she learned to smile with her eyes? I wish this show would get its story straight. Meanwhile, Lisa was able to let her guard down and really get into character. Janet and Ambreal, however, didn't have so much luck. Ambreal is very afraid of heights, and just couldn't get into it. Janet, meanwhile, wasn't engaging in what Jay told her and couldn't figure out how to make her body animal-like but still make the garment flattering. What? I see anteaters wearing couture gowns all the time and they work it, so if they can be fierce with that snout, posing like a gargoyle should be cake. Janet went home, but was proud that she was able to teach Bianca how to flush a toilet during her tenure. Commercials.

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