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The judges deliberate. Yaya's dance training might work against her on the runway. Ann has potential. Toccara is consistently great. The judges are appalled that Norelle can't wear heels. No one is feeling Kelle. "Kristi's" photo is frightening. Janice says that "Kristi's" jaw reminds her of Carol Burnett. Heh. Nicole has red hair. Eva is short, unusual, and boyish. Nolé calls Eva "Miss Golden Delicious." I think we know who wants a bit of them apples. Cassie is pretty, but looks tired. Janice says that Amanda's disability doesn't bother her, but Nigel argues that you can't walk on a catwalk when you're blind, and no agent is going to take on a legally blind model. He seems quite serious about the whole thing. No one likes Jennipher or her ass.

Only ten women will still be in the running to be America's Next Top Model. They are: Cassie, Ann, Nicole, Toccara, Eva, Amanda, Norelle, Yaya, Kelle. Will "Kristi" and Jennipher please step forward? You both suck, but Jennipher is slightly less ugly. So long, "Kristi"! Nobody will miss or even remember you. "Kristi" says that she doesn't like failing, and needs to figure out how much she wants to pursue modeling. She feels like she can better learn how to model at home where Vicki Lawrence and Dorf (of on Golf fame) can provide the expert training that she needs.

Coming up next week: Tyra makes Toccara cry. The competition starts to weigh on Kelle, and "the unpredictable Janice Dickinson does her thing," which involves spreading her legs in a swimsuit and, somewhat ironically, telling the girls not to look like porn stars. Yay!

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