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J. says that the girls have "taken their first shot of fashion crack." Later in this episode, Jennipher will take her second, less successful shot. Amanda says that the experience was "fierce." And I am soooo sick of the word "fierce." J. asks to see Amanda's walking stick. She has an effing walking stick? I bet there's a German Shepard that brings her a copy of the Braille Daily Register every morning at the apartment, too. J. asks her questions about her vision, and Amanda says that she is "completely night blind." The other girls give a little bit of the old fisheye. Amanda interviews that after the show, she made the "mistake" of saying to J., "You know about my eyes, right?" I'm sure she didn't even know that she was talking to J. at all! That's how blind she really is! Really! Toccara says there are rumors circulating that Amanda is getting special treatment. J. says that he was just told of her condition. She had asked to see the runway, and J. says, "Nobody could see it. So you blame her," and it's not clear if he's talking about Amanda or somebody else. But I choose to blame Amanda. Eva asks Amanda how she's going to be a model when she's blind, and Amanda says that she "did [her] thing out there without seeing it." Eva interviews, "I'm short! My shoes are too little! I didn't complain!" Which, in all fairness, is kind of not the same thing. J. tells the girls, "Rumors don't start from nothing. They don't just fall out of the sky. It's created." The Timex Social Club agrees. And I feel like my life has been enriched by re-discovering the lyric, "I think I'll write my congressman and tell him to pass a bill/ So the next time they catch somebody startin' rumors shoot to kill." You want music with a message? Look no further. J. will be announcing the winner of the challenge tomorrow.

On the van ride home, Eva, Ann, and Toccara discuss Amanda. Toccara says that Amanda talks about being blind, but then brags about her sexy runway maneuvers and that "it look like you weren't worried about not seeing to me." And then, in a move that proves either that Amanda hate runs deeper than we thought or that we haven't yet been privy to the bitch side of one Ivy League graduate, Yaya pipes in from the back seat, "But then in the room she's like, 'Is this a pole?'" First...HA! And second...HA! Amanda says that the girls think that she's exaggerating her blindness, and that the main instigator is Eva. Which we haven't really seen, but that could be the editing. In another van, Amanda says she had a dream that she beat Eva's ass into the ground. Times like these make me so grateful that I didn't have a peaceful loving hippie mother. Jennipher says that Eva acts tough, but that she's not, and that someone should get on Eva about her height. If you want to taunt the Dentata, Pocatello, then please be my guest.

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