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J. arrives at the house and is greeted in an annoying fashion by Amanda. He's come to announce the winner from the Heatherette contest, who must choose two other girls to accompany her on an all-day yacht trip. J. gives the girls his critique. Even though Toccara was a fan favorite and totally thinks she's going to win, the prize goes to Eva. Eva jumps up and does an obnoxious little dance, and for real, take it down a notch, Cindy Lou Who. She sings, "In your tall bitches' face!" She immediately chooses Ann (who is dressed in a towel) to go with her, and then says, "I'm going for a long shot here, I'm picking Kelle." And I think she means long shot in the sense that no one would think that she'd pick the universally hated Kelle. In other words, pity. And Kelle is just so happy that someone was nice to her. It's a little endearing, and also a little sad. And honestly? It really doesn't seem like anybody else likes Eva all that much. The winners head to get dressed. Everyone else looks pissed. Amanda said that if anyone else in the house besides Eva had won, they would have been fine. Kelle gushes that she can't believe Eva chose her, and Amanda tells her to "be careful." Kelle jokes that Ann and Eva will corrupt her. Amanda tells Kelle again to be careful. Kelle asks what she means, and Amanda tells her not to give out any information. Oh, shut up. I hate her so much.

And then, this. Amanda walks into the hallway where Eva is and says, "My crystals are missing. Has anybody seen my crystals?" Eva says, "What crystals? I don't even know what you're talking about." And then, Elbow-Gate. As Amanda pissily says, "Oh, okay," to Eva, Eva pulls back her arm to spray some starch on her shirt, and Amanda walks into Eva's arm. It was an accident, and a matter of bad timing, and they probably both should have apologized. But I'll take Eva's side, because I hate Amanda. Eva says, "Excuse you, you know you just bumped into me, you know that, right?" Amanda pissily says that it was an accident. Eva tells Amanda not to be mad. Amanda says she's not mad that Eva won the challenge, and Eva says that she knows it's not that, but that Amanda needs to chill. Amanda says that she has a right to be upset because her crystals are missing. Eva says that she doesn't have a right to bump into her and not excuse herself. Amanda says it was an accident. Eva says, "Well then, say 'excuse me,' that's the reason for the word." Amanda doesn't feel like being excused. Eva says quite calmly, "All right. It's on." Woo! Please punch Amanda!

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