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Amanda is still mad about her crystals, and says she's not going out of the house until she's gone through everyone's pockets. Amanda? Eva could seriously give a fuck about your crystals. The non-winning girls say that they can have a party at home. Jennipher bitches, "I'm kinda glad she won. We should bake a cake in celebration of getting the bitch out of the house for an hour." And Eva is totally in the hallway right outside of the room. Toccara interviews that Eva thinks everyone is mad because she won the runway challenge, and the way that she says this indicates that everyone might just hate Eva a little in general. Eva confronts Jennipher and says that the whole thing is a competition, and that she shouldn't hate on other people when they do well. Ann is bystanding. Jennipher says that she didn't like when Eva got in everyone's face about winning and called the others "tall bitches," and that Jennipher wouldn't do that, on account of how nice and ladylike she is. Eva says that her personality is still Eva (read: kind of obnoxious), and that she's not going to change that. Jennipher asks why she acts nice in front of the judges. Eva says, "I'm cute, I'm sorry Jennipher, I am." From the phone booth, "Kristi" asks the others to quiet it down a little. Ann gets into the action, and she and Eva say that Jennipher is two-faced. Jennipher says that Eva said Amanda is getting special treatment for her eyes, and then denied saying it. Amanda says she heard Eva say, "I hope she's not gonna get special treatment." And Eva admits without shame that she said that. Ann faces Amanda and says, "I don't mean to be rude, but, like, to us..." And Jennipher totally interrupts her and says, "'To us,' 'to us,' it's always 'us,' why don't you let her talk?" Ann says that she's speaking for herself, and that "This is me, I'm Ann, and I'm going to tell her what the [bleep] I think so you can shut your mouth." Jennipher then shoves Ann right out of the way. Ann tells Jennipher not to touch her again, or she'll get knocked out. Jennipher says, "Oh, I'd like to see it." On behalf of a nation, so would we! Commercials.

Replay of the Jennipher/Ann showdown. Amanda says that she's not mad at Eva for winning. Eva says she doesn't know why Amanda is mad, but that Amanda bumped Eva and didn't say "excuse me," which runs counter to her usual "little miss sweet Amanda" personality. Eva says that everyone is playing a role today, and that they should get over it. To the amusement of all, Kelle walks through the hallway looking like Elke Sommer guest starring on The Love Boat. Eva says that Amanda was extra. Kelle asks if anyone has an extra pair of sunglasses, speaking of extra. Hee! Amanda uses Yaya to demonstrate how she bumped into Eva, and barely brushes her. Flashback to the actual bump, which is much more significant. Ha! Even the editors hate you, Long John Silver! Kelle gives Eva advice on which bathing suit to bring. Amanda sobs that she doesn't care about her clothes, and Yaya says, "Yeah, I understand, your crystals," in a tone that expresses her tedium with the whole situation. Amanda continues, "I keep them on my dresser, and I was carrying them around yesterday, because I was very upset. My money can be gone, but you don't take my crystals! The thing that means the most to me! The thing that gives me strength and takes away my negativity!" Maybe they're crystallized versions of the magic sperm that impregnated her magic self with her magical baby while others were facing a national tragedy. Just a theory. You can totally see that Cassie, Yaya, and Toccara are thinking, "Shut up, Amanda."

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