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Toccara goes into the other girls' room and says, "Have [sic], um, anyone seen Amanda [sic] crystals?" The answer is no. Ann tells Toccara to tell Jennipher never to touch her again. Kelle comes in looking for sunglasses. Ann says that she's skinny, but that she can knock Jennipher out. Eva agrees. Eva confronts Jennipher and says, "First of all, I didn't even know you were a bitch." HA! I am really feeling Eva these days. Kelle looks on in sheer delight. Eva says that her problem with Jennipher is that she talks about people but doesn't have the [bleep] to say anything to their faces. Kelle yet again asks for sunglasses and interviews that they don't have time to talk, because they "have a yacht to catch." Man, you know that it's a weird episode when you start to love Kelle.

Yoanna arrives at the house to take the girls on their yacht trip of luxury. The day is cloudy, and the yacht isn't so impressive. Nonetheless, the girls are glad to be out of the house. Kelle interviews that they walked on the yacht and were presented with "hand sandwiches." I think you mean "finger sandwiches," Gucci pants. Man, is she dumb. Yoanna points out various famous models in a magazine, none of whom are her, obviously. Eva interviews that Ann was excited to meet Yoanna and was extremely star-struck, then says that Ann is from Erie, Pennsylvania. Which is kind of her way of saying that Yoanna sucks a little.

Back at the house, Amanda says that she feels bad, and that she found her crystals. She says, "I'm an idiot, I hid them last night," and laughs. Ha ha, you jerk. She interviews that she feels silly for accusing someone of theft without having any proof. She talks to Eva, who says, "Unless you have proof, don't say I took anything." Amanda says that she was wrong to jump to conclusions, but that she found it odd that only her things were missing. Eva says, "Have you ever thought that you might have misplaced them? Have you ever thought that it might have been on you?" Have you ever thought that you are BLIND and just can't see them? Shut up, Amanda. Eva agrees to accept Amanda's apology and drop the issue. She interviews that she may be loud, but she's not a thief.

Tyra mail! "Can you stand out in a crowd? Be ready at 8:30 in the morning." The models puzzle about what this means. They arrive the studio, where they are greeted by Jay, who is wearing a leather jacket consisting only of a collar and arms that is seriously much more queer than J. Alexander's entire collection of skirts put together. Jay tells the girls that they'll be doing a topless shot for Lee Jeans. "Kristi" says that her family is not going to like the nudity. Jay says that the double-page photo will appear as an ad in People. The girls will be shot in two groups and put together in a composite photo. They get their hair and makeup done. Cassie tells her hair guy to make her look sexy and high-fashion. "Kristi" tells Danilo that she would hate to be constantly away from home, and Danilo says, "There's just a point where your friends stop calling." Ha! All of the other girls are fine being topless -- particularly Norelle, who says that she loves her boobs. The photographer takes many naked boobie shots. Sigh. Sometimes I really wish this show was on HBO. Ann has a good shot. "Kristi" is getting a lot of direction, and sticking out her already mannish jaw. Kelle's mouth is funny. Group two. Toccara looks great. Jennipher sucks a little. The others are good. Shoot over. Norelle doesn't want to put away her boobs. Jay is impressed by Norelle's gorgeous boobs, but says that having gorgeous boobs doesn't make you America's Next Top Model.

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