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Kiara is up first, and even though she's a basketball player she gives respect to those who cheer. What about those who were on drill team with the band and wielded pompoms without any athletic prowess whatsoever? For they are my people. Kiara seems to do an okay job. Her athleticism helps with the cheering part, but then there's the face to contend with, so I'd say it's a toss-up. Literally! (You know when I resort to puns in a recap that it's been a long week.) Yvonne is up next. There is a LOT of blurring of her crotch, and on her first unwieldy toss-up the guys kiiiiind of don't catch her. It must be difficult to be the fiercely real in that particular situation. Eventually Yvonne's technique gets a bit better and it seems like she gets a decent shot.

Allyssa is next, and is nervous due to her low challenge scores. She doesn't look particularly graceful up in the air, but you can never tell with these things. Meanwhile, Rob talks about how high they're throwing the girls up, and Laura gets even more nervous. On her last shot, Allyssa manages to hit one of the male cheerleaders in the head and causes an actual bloody flesh wound. I don't know how much these guys are getting paid, but I trust that it's not enough.

With that, it's Laura's turn. She is, of course, freaking out and crying and all the things of that nature. She totally knocks down one of the male cheerleaders after her first throw. Johnny tells her that the men are not going to let her fall, even though we've just seen that that's not true. Laura's fear shows through in her photo, and even Victoria thinks that she's a big ol' giant baby for crying on the shoot. Laura is proud that she was able to push through her fear and hopes that she managed to get a good shot out of it. Kristin is next, and does look pretty phenomenal with the cheerleading part. Leila is irritated by how well she's doing, and says that if she gets the week's best photo is because she's a good cheerleader, not a good model. And speaking of Leila, she develops a severe problem with duck lips during this shoot. She tries and tries not to give duck face, but can't seem to help it.

Victoria is next, and per usual is a gangly delight. I'm sure her calisthenics prepared her both for the shoot and the copious blurring of her lady bits. Nastasia is lovely and graceful and athletic, and Johnny tells us that she was going the highest, striking the strongest poses, and in it to win it. Finally, we have Brittany. She looks okay in the air, but Johnny tells her that they don't have any good shots. He believes that she overthought it, and gave too much cheerleader and not enough model. After the shoot wraps, Bryanboy shows up to be like social media, yadda yadda yadda.

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