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Next we have Allyssa. Kelly says that the photo is very show pony carnival gone bad. Tyra likes it, though, and says that she sees cheerleader, model and sexy woman all at once in the photo. Rob is concerned that Allyssa looks shorter than she is in the photo. Bryanboy reports that Allyssa is sort of middle-of-the-road with fans. She gets 6s from Kelly and Rob and an 8 from Tyra. And then there's Laura. Rob says that the photo looks like a little girl got angry and threw her Barbie doll up in the air. Kelly thinks that there's something scary about the picture in an intergalactic Nutcracker sort of way. But if there's one person who likes disturbing, it's Kelly Cutrone. Tyra says that the photo is weird and odd and could be in Nylon. Rob asks how Laura did with the shoot, and Laura confesses that she is scared of heights. When Tyra asks what in particular she feared, Laura just says, "My head," and points to her noggin and starts crying. I think she was literally afraid that her head would smash open on the ground and brains would splatter everywhere. Tyra asks if it's a fear of heights or a fear of being tossed up and out of control. And THEN Laura says that even when she's hiking she has to sit down because she's afraid that a big gust of wind will blow her off the mountain. No, she really just said that. Can they please have a windy hiking on a mountain shoot sometime soon? Laura gets 9s from Kelly and Tyra and a 6 from Rob.

Nine beautiful girls stand before Tyra, but she only has eight photos in her hands. And these photos represent the girls who are still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. The scores have been added up, and best photo of the week goes to Nastasia. She has a total score of 40.9, and a fan vote of 5.85. Now she can engage in Tyra Suite drama, too! Laura is called next. She has a total score of 38.7 and a fan vote of 5.69. Then there's Kristin, with a total score of 38.1 and a fan vote of 6.1. Back on top with the people of America! Kiara has a total score of 37.3 and a fan vote of 4.3. Her challenge wins are really pulling her through, aren't they? Victoria is called next, with a total score of 36.5 and a fan vote of 5.5. Yvonne is just slightly behind her, with a total score of 36.4 and a fan vote of 5.37. Allyssa is called next, with a total score of 30.8 and a fan vote of 5.76.

This of course leaves Brittany and Leila in the bottom two. Brittany came into the competition with a clear, adorable brand, but her existence in the competition is confusing. Who IS she? What does she STAND for? Is she actually a CARTOON? If so, why is her NOSE like that? And then there's Leila, who has a strong edgy face and knows how to work her body in a photo. This week, however, her photo was less than stellar. The judges also saw her poor showing in the challenge and wondered if she's a model who can only exist in a photo. Leila shakes her head no, but to no avail. She clearly thinks she's staying, and tearful Brittany thinks she's headed out the door. But nay! The scores appear, and we see that Brittany has a fan vote of 4.49 and a total score of 29.5, while Leila has a fan vote of 6.0 and a total score of 29. Mostly, we have Kelly Cutrone's super-low score of 4 to blame for sending Leila home.

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