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Nigel shoots Bre. Not literally, but wouldn't that be great? Bre, I must note, is standing in the center of a crowd of extras who are sitting. Nigel yells, "Make Bollywood happy!" which is totally also what he yells in the throes of passion. Jay says that Bre could have used the extra fifty frames. Bre says that it was hard having all the disadvantages against her. Bre goes off and sleeps in a corner.

Next is Jayla -- who, I must add, is standing on the side amidst a crowd of extras, several of whom are standing. I mean, she's still a terrible model, but I have to report what happened. She interviews that she's just going to keep doing what she's doing, because the more she listens to direction, the more nervous she gets. Well, that's a good strategy. Jay imitates the flat, boring expression Jayla keeps giving, and says that he doesn't think you can step out into the world with one expression. Unless you are Nicole Kidman and your face is actually frozen. Nigel says that Jayla is a very pretty girl and looks amazing with makeup, but that he didn't feel like she was having fun with the shoot. Jayla interviews that she got the same comments on her photo shoot as she always does, which probably means that it sucked. Well, then, try improving for once, you stupid, stupid bitch.

Next is Nicole. She is centered and sitting, and the extras in front of her are sitting lower, with a few people behind her standing off to the side. Nigel says that he didn't think Nicole was going to be as good as she was, but that she really stepped up her game. He adds that the competition is all about stepping up your game. Jay praises Nicole and says that it was her best shoot ever.

Next, Jay tells Nik to give him something pretty, face-on. He says that she had a hundred frames, but didn't even need them because she was gorgeous from frame one. She does look amazing. And with that, the photo shoot is over.

Nicole interviews that the girls are going out to dinner. Nik says that it's her first time in an Indian restaurant. She adds that she's looking forward to new things. The girls are seated, and a familiar-sounding voice asks if they'd like to hear the specials. It is Nigel, who is going to dine with them, along with his Sri Lankan mother, who was also a model and brought her family to England with the money she made modeling. Gillian Barker comes out, and she is lovely. She says that this is a real treat for her, because she gets to spend some time with Nigel. That is so like a mother to put a guilt trip like that on national TV. But hey, at least it's not Mama Banks.

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