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I'm Sari...So Sari

Bre is next, and Twiggy says that her sari looks most traditional. Nigel says that it's not modern, but rather very straightforward, but hey, that's Bre. Tyra notes that Bre has no shoes on. She introduces Bre's photo by saying that she has to stand out from the crowd. Twiggy says that, actually, her eye does go straight to Bre, and I would argue that that's because all of the other women in the photo are practically making a circle around her and she is standing dead center. Really, there's no other place your eye could go. Twiggy says, "You got it, girl" and is momentarily proud of her fake American accent. Tyra tells Bre that because she's shorter than the average model, she has to make her neck look long, which she did not do in this shoot. Tyra also says that Jay reported that Bre wasn't her normal self, and that she shouldn't take a Benadryl prior to a photo shoot because it makes you tired. Well, duh. Bre says that she thought she had allergies or a sinus infection, so one of the other girls gave her a Benadryl. Miss J. says, "You let another girl give you a pill? Your competition? You let your competition give you a pill, girl?" The judges all laugh, and Jayla looks uncomfortable.

Nik tied her sari in the most unique, modern way, according to Twiggy, and Nigel agrees that she looks beautiful. It's gorgeous, and Twiggy loves the way Nik's neck moves. Barbara says that, for her, a photograph is all about the eyes, and Nik's eyes are fantastic. Tyra notes that Nik was the challenge winner and got a hundred frames, and says that her film was absolutely beautiful. Nigel says that Nik didn't need that many frames. Miss J. asks why everybody's seeing a great photo but he's not. Shut up, Miss J.

Jayla is last, and Tyra notes that her sari makes her look dumpy. Barbara compliments her on the gorgeous colors, and Tyra says that she's being a good mama and trying to give her baby something positive. Is Tyra with child or something? God. And, poor kid. I imagine the spawn of Tyra coming out of the womb wearing a bad red weave and chomping on a chicken nugget. Jayla does not stand out in her shot, for obvious reasons. I mean, just let her fail on her own. She'll do it! And it's your stupid fault she's there in the first place. Stupid show. Miss J. says that Jayla didn't pop, she pooped. Jayla says that she had trouble maneuvering around the extras, and the panel tells her that she should have knocked them out of the way. Tyra says that Jayla should have said, "You're my backup dancers, so back up, bitches." Barbara -- showing more pluck than we're accustomed to from a British lady -- says that Jayla should have given them a Benadryl. Oooh, Biba just started a forest fire with that amount of burn. Jayla exits and is secretly pissed. The judges begin their elimination as we head to commercials.

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