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The demoralized girls all meet up and walk together, and Nik jokes that today none of them won the challenge and are all failures.

The girls head back to Ashley Isham's boutique, where he is going to give them the designers' critiques and announce a winner. He says that the designers thought Nicole looked the best, while Nik was the most professional. Jayla interviews that she has a pretty good walk, and we cut to Ashley saying that she was the worst runway walker. Ha. Bre's general appearance was least appreciated, and her photos were not strong, but she was very, very good at taking direction. Bre, knowing even in her pea-sized brain that this is not really a compliment, interviews sarcastically that she can't dress but can take direction, and gives a big thumbs-up at the end. She sounds exactly like Eva Pigford when she says this, and it makes me want to study hatred of Bre...more. On a side note, given all we've seen of Eva these days, don't you sometimes look back and think Yaya was right? Yeah, I said it and I'm not proud.

Anyway, the judges unanimously agreed that Nik was the winner. Yay! She looks pleased. Ashley tells her that she gets a hundred frames on her shoot, and she's got to choose a friend. And then, the next best thing after Jayla's non-punk ass being exposed for the fraud she is happens: Nik picks Nicole. Yes, you heard me right. A little slapping noise should accompany this, because, damn. Nicole gets eighty frames, and she knows that this is an advantage. She gets to pick a friend next, and quite expectedly picks the person remaining who did not dump her Red Bull down the drain. She interviews that she hates Bre, so obviously she picked whoever was not Bre. That would be Jayla, who gets sixty frames. Last but not least is Bre. Ashley says, "You get..." and Bre snots, "Five frames." Ashley looks a bit taken aback, but says, "Fifty frames." He also tells Bre that she will have to go first, and can't see herself in a mirror prior to the photo shoot. She continues to be pissed in the Pigford-esque way that I can't stand. Nicole says, "Whatever," in an interview, but kind of laughs in a way that makes us know she thinks Bre got her due. Personally, I think Bre should have gotten only one frame, but what can you do.

Back at the hotel, Nik asks Bre to buckle her dress. I actually expect Bre to stab her, but this does not occur. A towel-wearing, bespectacled Bre confessionalizes that Nik has never wronged her, and in fact has been side-by-side with her since the girls came to London. Nik says something about needing to get the straps of her dress shorter because she has big boobs, and again, it's not a smart move to have Bre where you can't see her. Nik confessionalizes, "With the whole Red Bull scenario, and the Red Bull story...I don't even know why it was done. I think it was childish and I think it was also evil." See, I just love her. Flashback of Nicole confronting Bre about the Red Bulls AGAIN, which is no "Bitch poured beer on my weave" and thus can probably stop being shown twice an episode. Nik then says the best thing: "Even though it looks like me and Bre are extremely close, I know that she is supposably [sic] 'keeping her enemies close,' and what do you think I'm doing?" A silent "bitch" lingers in the air to accompany the audible "supposably," as Nik heads to the liberry.

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