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The Girl Who Neglected To Be Jolly

Renee is up next. Ms. J. says that glam rock is a bit soft and feminine, and so is Renee's picture. Nigel says that he likes this look -- the women are women, and shouldn't ever really look like guys. Twiggy loves Renee's jawline and nose, and the other judges commend her clenched jaw. It's good to have accomplishments.

Diana's face in her shot is slightly dead, according to Twiggy, and Nigel thinks she looks like a mannequin. Tyra says that Diana rests on pretty, and brings up the "just 'cause" incident. Diana says she's so mad that she said it like that. Tyra tells Diana that it's important to have a passion for fashion, and that Mr. Jay didn't see that in her eyes. Say it with me now: passion for fashion, passion for fashion, passion for fashion!

Brittany is next and does a bang-up job as usual, despite the fact that her weave is way beyond economical repair. She gets love love love from the judges.

And last but not least is Natasha. The judges laugh at her photo, and love it. Twiggy says that Natasha's wonderful, joyous spirit and sense of humor appear in her photographs. Tyra says that Natasha's study of fashion magazines has paid off, though Nigel notes that her head is once again upside-down in her photograph. Mr. Jay passed along the fact that Natasha was one of his favorites for the day, and entertained the entire room. Natasha tells everyone that the foil grille was her idea, and Nigel says that Natasha is the only person he knows who can boast about herself and be charming at the same time. It's true that she possesses a rare gift in that department. Now she gets to tell the other girls to go fuck themselves. Hooray!

The judges deliberate. Natasha lights up the room, according to Twiggy, who loves her to bits. Nigel agrees that she's improving by leaps and bounds, but thinks she's a big weirdo. Jaslene's photograph is great, and Nigel thinks she's the most photogenic girl there. Dionne wins the Most Improved award. Ms. J. loves Brittany, and Cathy has something nonsensical to say about her needing to be more than pretty. I am not feeling Cathy. Twiggy loves Renee, and thinks she looks like a model. Cathy likes Sarah and thinks she has model potential, but didn't think she got the photo shoot. Diana is a great-looking girl with incredible potential, and has a perfect full-sized figure, but she doesn't have any oomph or fire. Twiggy says that Diana is boring and bland and doesn't understand what they're trying to find. Whitney is a sweet girl, but Twiggy still doesn't think she's a model. Nigel also thinks that she isn't delivering great photos, and mentions her inability to hide her boobs. Tyra tells them to give her a break. Jael's is the worst picture of the bunch, according to Nigel, but he believes that she's improving. Cathy just laughs and says that if Jael came in for an open call, she'd just say next. Day-um!

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