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The girls stand before Tyra. She calls Natasha's name first, and Natasha is overjoyed. Next are Dionne, Brittany, Jaslene, Sarah, Renee, and Jael. Oh no! This means that Whitney and Diana are in the final two. Oh, it's kind of sad. Tyra even looks a little choked up. Tyra has wanted to have two full-figured models on the show for cycles and cycles, and finally her dream came true. It's disappointing to her, because she sees such potential in both Diana and Whitney. Diana is strong and beautiful, but lacking fire and passion. Whitney loves herself and knows that she's fine, but it's difficult to capture this in a photo. So who goes home? Well, Diana, clearly. I mean, I thought she had a chance early on, but she really is personality-deficient. Whitney cries and cries. Awww. Diana gives Tyra a big hug, and Tyra gives Diana a big pep talk. Jael runs up and hugs her, and then everyone else follows suit. Top Model group hug of sadness!

Diana says that she will miss Whitney the most, and that it was very hard to be in the bottom two with her. She cries and says that she's glad Whitney can stay and represent for both of them. Diana tells us that she's not going to be America's Next Top Model, but that we'll see her again. She offers the eventual winner congratulations, and that's that.

Next week: special guest stars Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, and 50 Cent! Also, Jael smacks down Renee. Day-um!

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