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The Girl Who Neglected To Be Jolly

The next morning, Diana is eating some tuna. That is not a metaphor, even though she appears to be on Whitney's bed. She says that the tuna is gross, and that she needs some real food. Whitney asks if she's still on that "I gotta lose ten pounds" thing. She is, and Whitney says that she should get on that, too. She interviews that having Diana around makes it easier, because the two of them can relate. She adds that you can get a distorted perception of reality when you live with a bunch of girls who are 5'10" and only weigh 125 pounds. It's true that Whitney and Diana aren't even that big, but next to the likes of Jaslene and Renee, they look elephantine. This is also some messed-up shit.

Tyra Mail! Sarah, who has a serious case of bed head, reads it: "Looking your worst can be the best thing that ever happened to you. Love, Tyra." Jael raises her hand and says, "Well, I win this one!" We cut back to Sarah looking insane, which indicates that maybe Jael spoke too soon.

The next morning, the girls head out to meet Cathy Gould, director of Elite Model Management. The girls are all excited. Upon seeing them, I imagine Cathy's reaction was exactly inverse. With Cathy is Elite model Claudia Mason, who is all tall and skinny and pretty and shit. We cut to a shot of Jaslene standing there with her mouth open, and the disparity between Claudia and the rest of these girls just hits you like a really heavy ugly stick. Claudia says that she and Cathy are there to help the girls learn how to dress, which is really important for a model. Dionne interviews that, at the last Panel, Tyra and the rest of the judges didn't like her outfit, and chewed her ass out. Have I mentioned that I love Dionne? Because I do. She says that she was "shocked as hay-ell," and so is just going to try to listen and pay attention today.

Claudia and Cathy have pulled out some clothing examples for the girls to showcase. The girls put them on and come back out. The outfits are obviously hideous. I mean, Diana is practically wearing a tent. Claudia asks the girls to tell them what they think. Natasha says that she likes her hideous outfit very much, because she really likes the skinny jeans and tight shirt so that people can see her body. Meow! Whitney loves her awful accessories. Jaslene thinks that her plaid pants and non-matching Purple Rain t-shirt are young and hip, and that she can wear it out for a casual night, or go for lunch. At this point, Cathy tells the girls that the outfits that they have on are examples of how not to dress. And, I mean, no shit, dumb-asses. The girls kind of laugh stupidly. My hero, Dionne, interviews, "I was like, oh, snap! I was like, we were looking kind of jacked-up and busted, here!" That pretty much says it all.

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