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An Episode Without A Heroine

Jay greets the girls and congratulates them on making it across the big pond to London, which is notorious for rampant and persistent paparazzi. He tells the girls that they have to look good in every shot, because they never know what's going to end up in a paper or tabloid. He says that Tyra really wanted to put that to the test in this shoot, and so they're all going to be in it together. This makes no sense at all, so don't even try to puzzle it out in your head. The girls look unhappy as Jay tells them that all six of them will be posing in the small telephone booth at the same time. Ooooh, that is too close for comfort. Lisa says, "I'm all about me," but that she's willing to share the spotlight. The shot has some weird bullshit premise, whereby the girls are running out from a show and have only their galoshes and a tabloid to cover their nekkid selves. They run from a paparazzo and into a phone booth, where there are five other girls and they get their photo snapped. Jay introduces the girls to English photographer Nick Maroudias. They go into hair and makeup.

Nik interviews that the pressure is very intense, and that the photo shoots can send you home or keep you there. Kim notes that they'll all be smushed into a tiny little space, and that some of the girls are really competitive, so things could get ugly. The girls pick their galoshes and are informed that the tabloid will be their wardrobe. Six half-naked girls smashed into a phone booth together sounds really hot, but in this case it's not. The girls complain, and Jay tells them that Tyra really wants the shoot. That shuts them up but good.

Nick tells the girls that they're all in every shot, even when they're not featured, so all need to look good at all times. Bre goes first. She interviews that some of the pretty girls do not use deodorant. She among them, if I recall correctly. Cut to Lisa telling the others that she farted. Oh, of course. Bre did not think that the fart was cute. She dramatically says that she could have just died in that little box. I wish they had locked them in there for five hours with no water, food, or supplemental oxygen. Just to see what would have happened.

The girls rotate. Lisa says that her strategy is to have fun and go for it, which I think is always her strategy. Jay says that sometimes Lisa is too crazy, cockeyed, and weird, but that she's learning to tone the craziness down and just become a good model.

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