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An Episode Without A Heroine

Tyra only has five photos in her hands. She calls some names. They are Kim, Bre, Nicole, and Nik. Lisa and Jayla step forward. And then, it all kind of goes like this. Lisa is the spunky girl, with so much energy and fire, who takes gorgeous photographs. But some of the judges are put off by her fire. Some, in fact, want to put it out with their own urine. Jayla, in contrast, has a nice personality according to some deluded judges, and takes nice photos, but the judges aren't convinced that she can take it all the way. So who goes home -- the girl who is the spitfire, or the girl who is mediocre? The answer seems obvious, right? Wrong. Jayla gets a photo, and Lisa is sent back to America with her tail tucked in her diaper. She goes and hugs the other girls. Miss J. drops a flower off his stupid corsage. Lisa ironically retains some dignity on her way out. She says that if she didn't win or make it to the top three like she expected to, it's okay. She gave it everything she had and stayed true to herself the whole way through: "No regrets." She says that the whole experience was pretty damn cool, and that it was exciting to get to live a dream. Awwww. I am sad to see her go, and in tribute will get shitfaced after I am finished with this recap. Cheers, you crazy bastard!

Next on ANTM: the girls pose like statues, and pigeons attack Nicole. Ha ha! And Kim and Bre continue to bitch at each other. Huzzah!

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