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An Episode Without A Heroine

Meanwhile, Kim runs a letter of apology by Nicole that she has written to Nik. She tells Nicole that it bothers her when someone has the wrong impression of her. Actually, I think it bothers Kim when someone has the right impression of her.

Cut to Bre and Nik walking up a grand staircase with their dates. Bre says that their dates were gentlemen who open doors and pull out chairs, which is definitely different from what she and Nik are used to. Ho hum, ho hum. They all clink their glasses in cheers and begin to dine. Bre interviews that being around Nik has made her more conservative. Interesting. One of the English dudes says that it sounds like there's been a bit of psychological warfare in the house. Nik says that there have been good and bad times, but that the good has "overweighed" the bad.

Back at the hotel, Nicole says that Kim is being the bigger person by apologizing. The English guys drop off Bre and Kim, and Bre interviews that it has been a wonderful day and that she has never been so appreciative.

On the ride home, Bre tells Nik that she knows Nicole and Kim will have something to say because they're coming home, and notes that she's annoyed. Nik says that she's noticed that everyone has been very nice today. She looks at Bre and says, "You don't think so?" Bre doesn't think so. See, now Bre is just shit-stirring.

At home there is Tyra Mail. "Who will be America's Next Top Model? It's your call. Be ready at 7:30." The girls all just want to sleep. Nik notices a letter on her bed from Kim and says that she guesses it's supposed to be an apology letter. She throws it over to Bre. Kim interviews that she bore the brunt of a lot of the girls' frustration, and knows that Bre and Nik didn't mean what they said, and that their friendship is as good as ever. Kim knows very little. Nik interviews, "Sadly for me, I'm still not convinced."

The girls wake up and head to the shoot. Nik interviews that all the girls assumed from the Tyra Mail that the word "call" would have something to do with the photo shoot. Wow, how did they ever figure that out? Top government scientists have been working on this puzzle for weeks! The girls head to the shoot in two taxis and make faces at each other. Well, all except Nik and Bre, who look out of the window. They arrive at an alley where they meet Mr. Jay, who's wearing a trench coat and reading a mock tabloid. The only other thing in the alley is a red telephone booth. Bre interviews that "It's your call" finally made sense. Oh, so very dumb.

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