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And then, the prizes. 1) a contract with Ford Models; 2) a spread in Elle magazine shot by world-renowned photographer Gilles Bensimon; 3) a $100,000 Cover Girl contract. Tyra notes that there will be no guest judge tonight, and then introduces the regular panel. Janice has her hair up in sort of a glamour poufy Mohawk, which at first I think is a tribute to Naima until I realize how much Janice hates her. Then I think it is a subversive clue. Also, I don't know if it's this way all the time, but when Janice is captioned her title is, "Model/Author."

Evaluations. We see footage of Naima in the fashion show. Tyra says that she was scared when Naima came out, but in a good way. She was shocked, awed, and wondered if it was Beyoncé morphed into a fashion model. Beyoncé? Very well, then. We see Kahlen on the runway and Janice slurs, "Oh that's so look like models." I guess Janice is seeing two of Kahlen. Tyra says that she thought Kahlen was fierce and that she felt the stomp. Janice says that Kahlen has the Galliano walk from Paris. Flambé says that Naima commanded the runway, that she was flawless, and that she looked like she was in a Versace show. Tyra notes that Kahlen's mouth and neck get very stiff when she walks. Janice says that Kahlen has a better "bathing-suit-proportioned body." Naima looks a little mad at this comment. Tyra says that both girls were fabulous, and that she is so proud.

They review their photos from throughout the competition side by side. 1) Alien shot: Nigel remembers that the girls were two of his favorites to work with. 2) Dog-walking: Tyra loves Kahlen's '70s-style pouty mouth. Janice says that Naima's shot was mediocre and that she feels the Mohawk went out in the late '90s. 3) Slutty gas station shot: Kahlen's is sexy and most guys would want to have it on their wall. Tyra likes Naima's tomboyish quality. 4) Seven Deadly Sins: Everyone loves Kahlen as wrath. Janice thinks that Naima could have done more with her face. 5) Animal Kingdom: Kahlen is a springbok, and nailed it. Tyra says that it's often very difficult to break dancers from looking like dancers, but that Naima knows how to balance it well. 6) The "African party": Naima was the star of the photo and it was her best head shot; Kahlen looks, according to Flambé, like she was dancing all night long and needs to take a break. 7) The Cover Girl ad: Janice says that she reads every magazine and would stop at Kahlen's stunning photo. Nigel says that Naima's shot is a Cover Girl photo to him, but that he still doesn't like it as much as Kahlen's.

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