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Tyra asks each of the girls why they should be America's Next Top Model. Kahlen says tearily, "'Cause I think I've much of...who I am. I've overcome sitting in the corner and not being that pretty girl, and...being overlooked time and time again and never being good enough." And then Naima puts her hand to her eyes in what appears to be a really fake cry. It's kind of annoying, but then I think good for her for working the system. "I hated myself...I hated this girl. That was my lowest point, Tyra. I walked in here today and I felt beautiful." Tyra then says, "You guys are proof that models aren't shells. That they're true people with feelings and emotions and pasts and insecurities." And also, she-nees.

The judges deliberate. Nigel says that Kahlen is beautiful and is amazing photographically. Flambé says that Kahlen is photogenic, but is dry in person. Janice flips through Kahlen's portfolio and says, "This is what the pros do, everybody. Each photograph shows a different side, a versatility." Nigel says that pretty blonde girls with good portfolios are a dime a dozen. Tyra says that they are being a bit stereotypical about Kahlen's looks, and that she's an edgy blonde-haired blue-eyed girl. Janice says that Kahlen's body proportions are perfect for a designer's muse. We see Kahlen walking in a swimsuit at auditions and she is SKINNY. Janice then says, "I was Versace's muse, I was Azzanine's muse, I was Valentino's muse." Flambé starts to chuckle and Janice retorts, "I don't know why you're laughing, I don't know whose muse you were." Oh, it's good times when she ignores the interaction warnings on her prescription bottles. Tyra says that Naima rocked the fashion show, and Nigel agrees that it was evident that she ruled the show and has stage presence. Janice interjects, "That's in your opinion." Tyra says that Kahlen has a better body of work from week to week, but that Naima won the final exam -- the Cover Girl commercial and ad plus the fashion show -- hands down. At the same time, Tyra is very inspired by Kahlen's photographs. Flambé says that Kahlen has given Top Model one of the best portfolios. Tyra asks if the prize should be given to the girl who excelled all semester but kind of failed her final exam, or the girl who did fair all semester and killed her final exams. Flambé says that he is confused, which I would guess is not all that unusual.

The girls return, and a winner will be crowned. Tyra says that the girls' respective journeys have been very different. Naima was solid and strong throughout the competition but her portfolio wasn't excellent. However, in the final exam she turned it out with presence and an aura that speaks to a lot of young girls in America, and she rocked the fashion show. Kahlen's portfolio rivals that of top models who are working today, but though she was solid and strong, she did not "own" the fashion show. Tyra says that this was the judges' longest deliberation. She then says dramatically, "America'" Cut to the screen, upon which is Naima's Cover Girl ad. NAIMA! YAY!! She throws her hands up in the air and cries out, saying that she's speechless. She hugs Tyra. Meanwhile, Kahlen looks sad and dejected. She says that when she set foot on the runway, she realized why she wanted to model -- the adrenaline and emotion. We see a shot of her crying into her lobster bib in the corner of the room. She feels that modeling is her way of expressing her emotions, and that this competition truly opened her eyes.

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