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Naima Make You Scream-a

The judges hug Naima, Nigel saying, "Congratulations young lady!" as he hugs her. Naima says that she looked inside and discovered what makes her her and makes her beautiful. Tyra voices over, "Uniquely versatile, undeniably edgy, Naima. The spunky Detroit girl embodies a true Cover Girl." We see photos of Naima growing up, which is so wrong. Then, clips of Naima from throughout the season, including the Cockney-accented "A model." Janice hugs Naima and says that she's a gorgeous woman: "Knock 'em dead, baby." I think she is contractually obligated to say one nice thing per episode. Naima cries that it means so much to her to be there, and that part of the reason she wanted to win this was because she represents something more than herself" "I represent a black girl, I represent a Mexican girl, I'm part Irish, I'm everything. I'm America's Next Top Model! Oh my God!" Kahlen's shot fades from the group photo and only Naima is left. I am pleased, because even though she is dull as dirt as far as reality-show participants go, she seems nice and inoffensive and I love her look. Also, I thought it inhumane to release Kahlen's weave upon the world at large.

And with that, gentle readers, I bid you adieu for yet another season. Thanks for taking the time to read these recaps and for accompanying me on the long, dark pathway that is ANTM addiction. Stay out of rehab, and I'll see you in the fall.

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