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Naima is next. She says that most of the previous shoots have been about being fierce, but that for Cover Girl you have to smile and be happy, which is much harder. See, the simple beauty shot is all about looking pretty, which is why we've had none this season. Naima says that this shot is make or break for her, and that she needs her photo to come out well. She says that she's nervous, but that she never gives up.

Kahlen says that she did poorly with the Cover Girl commercial, so the ad is her chance to redeem herself. She says that she transforms in front of the camera, which she likes, because she can show her "girly side." Michelle didn't have one of those. The Jays and another guy who is maybe that DeYonker character illustrate in sync how they want Kahlen to pose by saying, "Bam! Bam! Bam!" Not coincidentally, that is also phrase #2 from the Life-Sized Talking Jay Blow-Up Doll (© Bankable Productions 2005). Ms. J. tells Kahlen to look like she's smiling and farting at the same time. Fart plus giggle equals success as Kahlen gets her shot.

The girls return home to find Tyra Mail announcing the episode's first elimination. Keenyah says that she thinks Naima is her main competition, "because the judges see something special in her that I really don't see." Don't mince your words, there, Al Roker before the bypass. Naima says that she put on a front for the judges throughout the competition, but finally realized that what they wanted was her. I will say that she looks awfully happy in that interview. Clue #2! Keenyah says that Kahlen has been sliding the last few weeks in terms of her photos. Kahlen then interviews that the photos don't even mean that much anymore, and that it's more about performance. And given the performance that is to come later at the judging, I think she may be on to something. She thinks that she did not perform well in this particular challenge, and that she'll be going home.

A Tyra beauty shot introduces us to panel. She looks pretty. She reviews the prizes and introduces the judges. Janice has a big necklace on with her hair down and looks like Alice (from Wonderland) when her neck grew really long. The guest judge is Gretha Scholtz, designer of the "Poison Ivy" line of bathing suits. The remaining girls will walk in the "ultimate runway show," featuring three top South African designers, including Gretha. Janice says, "Can't I be in the show? Pleeeease! Pleeeease!" while bouncing up and down, and Nigel gives a look that says, "Just give her the horse tranquilizers already and be done with it." The girls will be judged on their commercial, their runway walk, and their photo from the Cover Girl shoot.

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