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Déjà Vu's a Bitch

Next, the girls had their three-part Secret deodorant challenge, which entailed filming a commercial, shooting a photograph, and participating in an interview with some Entertainment Tonight hack. Tyra voices over that the commercial had a twist -- each girl had to come up with her own secret to add at the end. Lisa's secret was that she tells herself she's beautiful every day, and also that she is a functioning alcoholic, much to the surprise and chagrin of the others. Lisa tells the ET guy that she is a sweaty bastard. Kyle overacts in her commercial. Coryn suffers a bout of poor self-confidence. And then, Nik and Jayla tell Jay that they have "discovered" that they "coincidentally" have the same secret -- they are afraid of the dark. Nik says that hers is a little bit different, because she also sleeps with a nightlight. Jay says that their delivery might be totally different. Cut to Jayla, who says that her secret is that she sleeps with a nightlight. Nik tells Kyle that karma is a bitch -- as, we have confirmed, is Jayla.

Back at home, the whole thing blew up into a big boring fight. Jayla pretends not to know why Nik is giving her the cold shoulder, and Lisa -- desperate to be liked by somebody and happy that she's not the jerk for once -- tells her that it's all about the stolen secret.

Meanwhile, Nicole and Lisa decide to defuse some of the tension by dressing up in some of the crazy gear to be found in their boutique-inspired house. They look silly-slash-cute. Nicole says that what they need to do is get Coryn to join them. She says to Lisa, "You two need to become buddies." Lisa says that it's not going to happen, and that she's cool with that. Meanwhile, Coryn sits at a table with Jayla and Bre and goes over some stuff she's written on an index card. Turns out it's an apology to Lisa. She interviews that she felt bad, and didn't have to go there about Lisa being an alcoholic bitch. Bre reads the apology and says that it's nice and very mature. She says that it's hard for her to apologize to people because she's hard-headed. Lisa interviews that she received the note of apology from Coryn on her bed, and says that she'll accept that and that it's all good. And it's an apology, but only an index card's worth of apology. Also, a little reciprocation might be nice, but I guess you take what you can get with Lisa. The girls kiss and make up -- literally -- but not in a Kim and Sarah kind of way. Coryn confessionalizes that she and Lisa are friends now, with no conflicts between them. But it doesn't really matter, because Coryn is eliminated. She takes the news with some relief, and says that she's going to continue to pursue a career in modeling.

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