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Déjà Vu's a Bitch

The girls then walked in a "glamorous Hollywood fashion show" that ANTM set up for them, and backstage Jayla rattled Kim with an insensitive comment. Do tell! Jayla says that she walked up to Kim, poked her in the belly, and told her that she needed to suck in her stomach. Ooooh. You do not do that to a woman unless you are Janice Dickinson. Jayla says that Kim asked if Jayla was calling her fat, and Jayla looked at her and said, "Girl, are you crazy?" Yes, and I don't know what that means. Jayla uses tons of hairspray as Lisa listens with wonder to Kim's retelling of the incident. Kim says that when she asked if Jayla was calling her fat, Jayla kind of shrugged her shoulders and lifted her brows in a way that indicated, "Uh, yeah." Kim says, "It is on." Jayla looks like the rat fink she knows she is. Kim says that if she wouldn't be eliminated for killing anybody, she might take that step. She interviews that she's sick of Jayla saying every little thing that's on her mind, and that Jayla needs to learn to censor herself for five seconds. Kim ends by adding, "Ugh, I hate her." Me too!

The girls walk in the show, to silly narration. Bre says that she was fierce on the runway. And when it was Sarah's turn on the runway, she stumbled. And then did the same thing again. Everyone in the audience goes, "Ooooooh!" both times, which is kind of funny. And then, Sarah figured that since she had already stumbled on the runway, she might as well stumble on the path of stringent heterosexuality, and sucks some face with Kim in the limo. Lisa says, "And she's got some crazy cantaloupe lips," which really might be my favorite quote of the season. Kim says, "Quiet, quiet, quiet! Second base is ready." What does that mean? Is Kim going to slide cleat-first into Sarah's boobies?

Back at the house, "the models met an uninvited guest." It is a bird, who has apparently has taken residence in the Stiletto Salon. Kyle speculates that he's blind, because he always runs into stuff. Nicole says, "All birds are blind, though." Wow, this is a true meeting of the minds. Kyle quizzically says, "Are you sure?" And Nicole says yes, that's why they run into your car and house. They migrate by sense of smell, apparently. And then Nicole says that they can't see, but that they can sense where they are and how close they are to things by their hearing. Kyle says, "I know my bird could see." Nicole authoritatively says that it might just be the birds outside that are blind. Kyle says, "Maybe. I don't know." Okay, that was awesome.

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