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The girls then had that stupid superhero shoot. As Cassandra flies through the air on the harness, Nicole says, "I wish I liked her. I wish she wasn't so annoying." Ebony says that Cassandra irks her in the wrong way. They laugh at Cassandra as she poses. Lisa says that she doesn't think any of the girls will do better than she does, and Jay shouts compliments at her with a megaphone. Jayla interviews that with Diane's hair, makeup, and costume, it appeared as though that the stylists were deliberately trying to make her look like a chicken. And actually, it's kind of true. Jayla says that she told Diane that she looked like a chicken, and that at least she had a theme. See, that's where it becomes unnecessary. Kim interviews that Jayla says things that are not funny, and that telling somebody she looks like a chicken is mean, because chickens are the opposite of superheroes. I think chickens are kind of attractive. Unlike Jayla.

After the shoot, bad feelings boiled over back at the homestead. Nicole interviews that, from what she's seen of her, Jayla is just kind of mean. She says that Jayla doesn't have any social grace. Kim, Lisa, and Kyle sit outside and talk about how much Jayla sucks. Kim says that Jayla could call her fat, but at least she might refrain from doing it right before she went on the runway. Kim interviews that Jayla has said mean things to people day after day. Kim adds that Kim herself can get away with saying mean things to people because she knows how to do it, and they think she is joking. Er, and she "doesn't mean it" and it's "harmless." They all bitches, is what I think. Kim tells the others that Jayla was home-schooled, and might not know how to interact socially, which is sad, but...and with that "but," Jayla enters the porch. Lisa says that they were just talking about her. In something of an ironic twist, Lisa tells Jayla that Jayla says things faster than she thinks about it. Syntax hers. She adds that Jayla hurts people's feelings before she even realizes that she does. This is apparently the United Nations Pot-Kettle Convention 2005. Lisa interviews that Jayla was home-schooled and doesn't realize that she offends people. Then what's Lisa's excuse? Jayla tells the others that what she says shouldn't be taken seriously, and that people should get used to it because she can't constantly change the way she talks to people. She's going to say stupid shit all the time, and people will have to get used to it. I love the "I'm just an ass, and I can't help it" defense. As a side note, Jayla looks horrendous, and like she has dirty in her underwear.

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