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Achilles Ankle

Tyra tells Mike that she didn't send him home -- the fans did. So now he has to work as hard as he can to get voted back in and prove to the world that Tyra knew what the hell she was talking about when she discovered the ice cream guy. Mike says that he's going to keep working hard and then gives Tyra a hug. He has no regrets, and says that Tyra Banks completely changed his life by believing in him and taking a risk on his behalf. He appreciates the opportunity, and knows that he can't slip up at all if he's going to get back in the competition. And now he can get as drunk as he wants without cameras in his face! Yay!

Next week: Renee and Jourdan go at it, and there's a cross-dressing make-out photo shoot in which Jeremy maybe slips Jourdan some tongue.

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