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Chris comes back at Mike, telling him never to tell him to shut the fuck up. He's a grown man, after all. Mike missed a beautiful opportunity to respond to this by saying, "Shut the fuck up." Sometimes simple is the most effective. Marvin confesses that everyone just saw some Chris and Mike action. He personally would not have made a scene but, he says, Chris is dramatic. And, I mean, it is pretty rude to tell someone to shut the fuck up, but everyone else's reaction to this incident tells me that Mike captured the sentiment of the house.

Chris walks in to Mike's room, saying that the two of them have never had a problem before. Not even with the cock-punching? He expects an apology. Mike tells us that everything about Chris is overly dramatic, and this incident doesn't need to be blown up into a whole big issue. He isn't planning on apologizing, because he would have told anybody to shut the fuck up in that moment. So, general rudeness as a defense? Chris tells us that this incident hearkens back to his childhood, in which his mom was very verbally abusive. The fact that Mike is brushing off the whole incident makes him feel like somebody insignificant. Chris then quite dramatically tells Mike that, as a man, he'll never look at him the same again after this display of disrespect. After he slams the door, Mike calls him a dramatic little fucker. And…credits!

When we return, Chris is sharing his upset about the incident with Jeremy and Cory, who has taken to wearing kicky head scarves. Cory tells him that every time someone says one off-color thing to him, it's like a bomb goes off. Chris interviews once again that his mother was verbally and physically abusive, and if he said something she didn't like she'd chuck her cell phone across the room at his head. So, Chris was raised by Naomi Campbell, then? His mom also up and moved on his eighteenth birthday, and he came home to "white walls" and a missing mother never to be found again. (Good news! She's on a show called The Face!). And not to discount Chris's childhood of abuse and neglect, but that particular narrative seems a little suspect to me. Did she also lock him in an attic for three years? Did other children cruelly call him a Muggle when he enrolled at Hogworts?

Cory tells Chris that if he wants to turn things around and have a functional relationship with others in the house, he's going to have to tell them why he acts the way he does. And so Chris calls a house meeting, which is very un-dramatic. He tells the others that he's come across the wrong way, but wants them to accept him. He also cops to creating drama. Nina tells us that she's been different for as long as she can remember. She sympathizes with Chris's plight, and adds that he looks to her as basically his only support.

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