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Chris apologizes (and I quote: "I'm sorry to all of yous!"), acknowledges that he's rubbed some folks the wrong way, and says that he tends to offend people, because everything that's been said to him during his life has had a disrespectful tone. When people call him a fucking idiot or other mean things, it's hard for him, and he reacts. Jourdan relates to Chris, having been in an abusive relationship herself, and sees that he has a lot of scars. Chris asks the group to come up to him and tell him what he's doing wrong when he starts drama or is otherwise a pain in the ass, so he can grow as a person. I'm sure that will go over well. Just someone put the kid in therapy, please. Mike remains unimpressed, saying that being a grown-up is learning how to deal with things and if Chris doesn't have the proper coping mechanisms at this point, that's on him. The guy has a point. Chris would for sure be too high-maintenance for me, but I am also a "deal with your shit already" type of person. Cory's final word on the matter is for Chris to let go of all the bullshit that's happened in his past. Chris gets hugs, which I think is what he wanted all along.

The next day, the contestants are driven to yet another fashion show. Johnny is there waiting, along with a lady DJ. Mike is already feeling self-conscious about having the worst walk in the world, and so is not excited about this particular challenge. Johnny brings out Marvin Scott Jarrett, the editor-in-chief of Nylon Magazine. MSJ has major creep-face as he tells the models how Nylon is always looking for what's cool. The winner of this runway challenge will get to display his or her personality on Nylon TV, which is a thing that exists, I'm guessing somewhere in the depths of the internet. Johnny then drops the twist (of the ankle!) when he demonstrates that smack in the middle of the runway there is a giant spinning disc. So, good luck with that. Don is worried that he'll get dizzy and stumble off the stage the wrong way, while Nina freaks out that she will actually break her entire foot and/or body.

Johnny is styling the show, and phrases like "splash of fun" are bandied about as he tries to match clothes with personalities. Cory gets put in what looks like an S&M straightjacket, and I'm not sure what that says about his personality. Johnny notes that Mike is the worst walker there, and his helpful advice to Mike is to do the opposite of whatever he normally does. Mike tells us that he's excited about his brand new career in modeling, which will last for approximately 40 minutes more.

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