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Achilles Ankle

Meanwhile, the show is about to start and Nina is freaking out that she's going to break her ankle. Johnny comes up and asks what the tears are about, and Nina tells him that with her sprained ankle it's hard for her to walk straight, much less on a spinning disc. Johnny notes that if Nina doesn't do the challenge she won't get any points, and it will look to the judges like she's not trying. And, ultimately, she could go home. After minutes of freaking out, Nina is approached again by Johnny who calmly suggests that the on-site medic wrap her ankle. And it totally goes with her outfit! Problem solved. Chris comforts Nina after the ankle-wrapping, calling her a gladiator princess stronger than Xena. I'm guessing she might be more of a Powerpuff Girls enthusiast.

Johnny introduces the designers for tonight's show -- Ashton Michael for the menswear, and Kimberley Gordon of the line "Wildfox" for the ladies. Johnny explains to Ashton that they need to make baby-Jeremy look a little manlier in this challenge, and Jeremy takes this moment to tell us about what a mama's boy he is. And really, I can't hate on anyone who loves their mom. This is the first time that Jeremy has left his house for an extended period of time, and quite paradoxically it's the experience that's making him a man.

DJ Caroline D'Amore welcomes the crowd, and the fashion show begins. Cory is out first in his mental institution outfit, and stumbles a bit when stepping on the turntable section of the runway, but quickly recovers. Jiana looks like she's going to bite it on the turntable, but also manages not to fall even though she lets out a little scream. Phil seems to be the first genius to employ the strategy of walking in the direction that the turntable is spinning, and Ashton notes that he's a strong walker. And then there's Nina. WILL SHE DIE? No, she's totally fine. (Except, apparently, when it comes to her runway reviews). Ashton calls her kooky while Kimberley says, "She was a little bit of a loose noodle." We then see her being weird and posing, and she might actually have been better off falling.

Jourdan tells us that runway is her thing, so she's not a bit nervous, even with the spinning turntable. She does stomp it out, and Kimberley and Ashton say that she looks uber-professional, and makes you want to buy clothes. There's not much more you can ask of a model. Renee plans to give Jourdan a run for her money, and gets accolades from Kimberley. Then there's Jeremy. He decides to get a little adventurous and unzip the vest he's wearing to show his bare manly muscles to the crowd. Marvin Scott Jarrett says that Jeremy seemed to be thinking less Nylon and more Zoolander. Ouch.

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