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Jiana and Marvin get flak for holding hands as they walk to take their critique position, and Tyra asks Marvin if he has a crush on Jiana. He admits that he does, and gets jealous when he sees her with Phil. This gets an "Oooooooh!" from the peanut gallery. Tyra loves Marvin's sculpted cheeks in his photo, but wishes that he would have done something with his mouth. Kelly loves his ripped body, but Rob says that he hasn't shown much variety in his face. Marvin gets 9s from Tyra and Kelly and a 7 from Rob. Rob does like the way that Jiana worked her body, and Tyra and Kelly both agree she looks beautiful but lost her neck. And Jiana is a social media favorite yet again. She gets a 7 from Rob, 8 from Tyra and 9 from Kelly.

Then there's Cory and Renee. Kelly says that Cory is very "dude" in the photo, and Rob is proud of Cory for pulling off being a dude -- he'd believe that he IS a dude if he didn't know better. Tyra has to point out that Cory is, in fact, a dude. What he's pulling off is straight dude. Rob says that Cory looks like a man, and Tyra yells at him again. She says that Cory looks straight in the photo, but lost his model a bit. Cory gets 8s from Tyra and Kelly and a 9 from Rob who is still oddly proud of him. Kelly is scared by Renee's photos, because she's stunning and elegant in person but photos a little lowbrow. Rob says that her body has sex appeal, but her face doesn't. Tyra thinks that Renee has dead eyes and a short-looking neck in her photo and it's everything that Renee isn't in person. Bryanboy agrees, adding that Renee isn't registering with fans. She gets 7s across the board from the judges.

Mike and Alexandra are next. Kelly thinks that Mike takes a good picture, even though she's still haunted by his walk. She likes his picture with Alexandra. Rob doesn't, however, and wonders if Mike just got lucky last week. Tyra thinks that it's an interesting and different pose, but his face and neck and shoulders aren't carrying it enough. One fan says that her eyes should be going to Mike's face, but instead they go immediately to his crotch. Is that a good or bad thing? Mike gets 8s from Tyra and Kelly and a 6 from Rob. Alexandra doesn't fare much better. Her body doesn't look model-esque to Kelly, and Tyra says that her front-facing fanny sack (known as a fanny pack to those of us not in the fashion world) is messing up her lines. Her social media scores are consistently good, though. Alexandra gets a 7 from Tyra and 8s from Rob and Tyra, who thinks the face close-up is stunning.

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