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The judges deliberate. Nigel says that both girls are striking in different ways, and that Eva's look is contemporary while Yaya's is more classic. He's torn over which he prefers. Tyra says that despite not having modeling experience, Yaya began to move like a pro early on. Nolé almost became straight when he saw how gorgeous Eva looked in front of the panel. We get a shot of her, and she does kind of look like a really great, young, sassy drag queen, so I can see why he's so enamored. Janice says that she sees a beautiful woman in Eva and appreciates how she's grown (not literally, of course, although that might better solve some of Janice's issues with her), but she's more prone to Yaya's "refinement." She says that, after watching the runway show closely, Yaya is the more versatile model. Nolé says that Eva needs to understand more about who she is as a model. Nigel likes Eva's personality and says that she makes him smile, which is not something that a person can learn. Janice says that both girls have this quality. Except that Yaya totally doesn't. Tyra says that Yaya's body is amazing. Nolé says that Eva is like a Cinderella story: she came in as a little tough boy and transformed into a gorgeous woman. Nigel says that he is torn. We hear Janice sigh loudly. Tyra says, "This is horrible." I know it!

The girls return. Both are overwhelmed. Tyra tells them how hard the decision was. She says that they are both very different -- that each has strengths and weaknesses, and that they represent different kinds of beauty. She says that Yaya went from being photogenic and an asshat to being likeable and relatable. Yeah, maybe for, like, one minute during this episode. I call bullshit. Eva came to Los Angeles as a hater who served it up, and was reformed through Tyra's "talks." Aren't we all, aren't we all. But there can only be one winner...

AND IT IS EVA! Eva screams and starts to cry, overwhelmed with joy. Yaya, to give her a little bit of credit, smiles with all the warmth she can muster when she sees that Eva is the winner. The judges all give over-exaggerated reaction shots, and Janice in particular looks crazy, like she is about to have a seizure or is a greeter at Wal-Mart. Eva says incredulously, "Beautiful? A model? Me?" Yaya says, "In comparison to other people in this competition, I definitely feel like I deserve to be recognized, and I will. But they wanted something a little bit more bubbly, and they found it." And it sounds a bit like that sentence was cobbled together with Elmer's glue, shoestrings, and a rusty nail. But I'm sure that each component was filled with the general asshattery that is Yaya, so I'm not going to take too much issue with it. Yaya leaves. Yay!

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