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Amanda poses first on the Zen rocks. She looks quite pretty. She smiles as the photographer shoots her. She says, "I was really trying to utilize my inner joy. You know, my really strong personality and my appreciation for bunny rabbits and France." Oh, Pierre, comme j'adore votre beau pays! Puis-je toucher votre lapin maintenant, s'il vous plaît? Jay says that Amanda "got" the shot, and exudes the look that you ask for. I bet that's probably because she's able to make such apt connections and draw from a well of really profound inspiration.

Eva says that she is excited to have made it this far, and is about to be a star. Eva needs to have a long conversation with Adrianne Curry and Yoanna House on the topic of "realistic expectations." ["Well, as long a conversation as they could have while they're on their fifteen, before they have to go back to waiting tables." -- Wing Chun] Eva poses on the rocks, and says that she knows she has no room for error because the competition is cutthroat. Jay tells her that the ad should be friendly and happy, with an "inner smile" showing through. Eva smiles in a lovely way. Amanda interviews that she saw Eva posing, and that Eva had a pretty face but didn't exude energy. You know, that might have something to do with the fact that Eva eats bunnies for dinner, and is widely rumored to be a Francophobe. Jay says that Eva acted very tough in casting, but that throughout the competition she has let her wall come down.

Yaya interviews that when she is in hair and makeup, the stylists always talk about how she is regal and elegant, so she was trying to pull from different places to be a more "Tee ha ha ha" kind of person. And every time Yaya actually smiles or tries to act charming or funny, I just hate her more. She says that she was finding mental things to connect with, and was reciting poetry (oh, of course she was) and seeing little ways in which her education is keeping her positive. The most likely being the knowledge that she can fall back on her Ivy League diploma since she will never, ever win this competition because she's a whitehead-laden asshat. Fucking Yaya. Jay tells her to be approachable and friendly. He interviews that Mathu did a great job on Yaya's makeup today, and that she looks fresh and beautiful even without retouching. Which: lies. He also says that, before today, he wasn't sure that any of the girls had true model potential, but that they all stepped it up during the Cover Girl shoot. Commercials.

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