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Amanda is first. The judges gasp in awe of her shot, and call her shot cute, amazing, lovely, scrumptious, and absolutely beautiful. It is very pretty, if a little plastic-looking. Amanda says that she's going to cry, and Janice tells her to cry, because crying is good. I think the final tally on crying for the season is: crying is bad = one; crying is good = three. So just let it all out, girls! Noriko says that Amanda's coloring (eyes, skin, and hair) is something that Japanese people admire. Tyra asks Amanda what designer would let her walk the runway in glasses. She says that it's not realistic for a real go-see or a fashion show. And she might have mentioned that in any one of the past eleven panels, or when she picked Amanda to be on the show.

Yaya is next. The judges indicate that they like her photo. Yaya says that it doesn't look like her, and lets out a big laugh. Oh, honey, it's far too late in the game to try to make us think that you're in the least bit likeable. Spare yourself the wrinkle. The judges say that she looks sweet and approachable. I think she actually looks a little funny, probably on account of how she's not used to smiling, ever. She says that she was trying not to concentrate too much, but also thinking about her little brother, who makes her laugh. I can just see it now, "Oh, Zaza, your youthful shenanigans put me in mind of Keats! Allow me to recite to you from 'On First Looking Into Chapman's Homer.'" Nigel says that thinking about the Cover Girl contract would be enough to make anyone smile. Yaya laughs, again, and I expect her to break into a coughing fit or something, given that her laughing muscles have probably atrophied from years of bitchface.

And finally, Eva. The judges are also impressed by her picture. Nigel says that the girls are making the judges' jobs very difficult, and Janice asks if there can be three winners. Eva says that she was thinking about the contract, and that's what kept her motivated. Tyra says that Eva's skin is amazing in the picture, and Janice agrees that it's like honey. Noriko says that it looks like Eva's smile comes from within, and that looking at her picture makes Noriko happier. Aww! It makes me happier, too.

Before sending them to the holding room, Tyra applauds all three girls and notes that they are the shortest of all the finalists. She says that some people in the fashion world might be gaggling and saying that this is blasphemous (and here she does her best Janice Dickinson imitation), but that they are giving shorter girls hope. She also says that the Cover Girl pictures prove that the three finalists are ready to become top models. The girls exit.

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