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The judges deliberate. Nolé notes that ice queen Amanda has melted away, and that a beautiful woman has come out. And I'm not sure if that's exactly the comparison that he was looking for. He's kind of an idiot, too. Nigel says that Amanda still needs to work on her personal presentation, and that her body always looks slightly off-kilter. At least she doesn't do the head weave like Stevie Wonder. Janice says that Amanda nailed the photograph, "hands down, bar none." Nigel says that you wouldn't necessarily expect such a great, beautiful, warm picture from little tomboy Eva. Nolé says that Eva is the person that every girl in America wants to know and wants to be. I don't know. I'd like to know and/or be someone who was much richer and marginally more famous. Janice says that Eva has come light years, that she's leapt and she's learned, but Janice wants to see "the essence of chic," and Eva doesn't deliver. Nolé says that Yaya has incredible bone structure, and Nigel says that she's one of the most beautiful girls ever to be on the show. I don't know about that. He continues that she's elegant and regal, but that those qualities can also be negatives, since she comes off as snobbish and arrogant. Janice snaps, "That's your opinion." Nigel retorts, "Well, it is my opinion. Isn't that what this is about?" Fight, fight! Janice says that her picture crosses all borders, and that Yaya has the Cover Girl look. The judges lament the difficulty of this elimination. Tyra says that she is shaking. Janice throws up her hands. Commercials.

When we return, somber music accompanies the judges' verdict. Tyra says that the two finalists will "walk and sashay to the death" to determine who will be the winner. And how awesome would it be if they actually had to walk and sashay until someone died? Or at least had to be hospitalized. It would be especially awesome if that someone were Yaya. And, in fact, Yaya's name is the first called. Tyra tells her that she came to the competition with stature -- perhaps too much stature -- but that the judges have reined that in and made a true model out of her. Yaya stands in the winner's circle. Amanda and Eva step forward. Tyra says that each girl has what the other needs. Amanda has edgy, fierce, high-fashion qualities, while Eva is approachable and relatable. But a top model needs to have both. The judges think that one of the girls might be able to pull it together in the short time remaining. It is Eva! And I have to say that even though I had warmed up to Amanda in the past few weeks, I really like the concept of an Eva/Yaya showdown. Eva lets out a happy cry of "disbelief."

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