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Janice watches Amanda hug Yaya and lets out a disgusted sigh. Janice's favorites never win. As Amanda takes her leave, Janice yells, "Love you!" Oh, such display of emotion from one whose face is fashioned entirely from manmade substances! Amanda says that she is surprised not to be in the final two, and that she wanted to win so that she could get the $100,000 contract and buy a house. Whatever. I'm older than she is and I don't have enough money to buy a house either, so the poor card gets no sympathy around these parts. She says that she wants to inspire people with disabilities or shortcomings to work through them and find joy in everything. We see Amanda's portfolio, and she really does have some lovely photos. Amanda walks down the Tokyo street in the dark, dark night. And the streets in Tokyo must be paved with glitter, because she is doing just fine without her walking stick. Or maybe her sense of smell effectively guides her to Janice's bike shop.

Back at the homestead, Eva delights in the fact that competition has come down to the tomboy and the Afrocentrist. She interviews that never in a million years did she and Yaya expect to be the final two. She tells Yaya that it blows her mind that two black girls are finalists. Yaya interviews that she and Eva hadn't really connected or even felt comfortable around each other heretofore in the competition, but that as the final two, they let their guards down. They talk about how they were picked over girls who were taller, or had straighter teeth, or, particularly in Yaya's case, clearer skin. Yaya then indicates that people called her "Nestle Crunch Bar." HAAAAAAAAAA! That is so mean, but also so awesome. Eva says that Yaya put defenses up, but that Eva's discovering that there's a sweet person underneath. Yeah, I don't know about that so much. Yaya interviews that it makes her happy that the winner of the competition will be a black woman who, while she has flaws, has a head that is on her shoulders, and is a positive person. And I can't tell whether she made that statement when she thought she was going to win, or after Eva actually won. Yaya says that it's refreshing finally to see Eva for who she is, and she wonders why she and Eva couldn't have been friends all along. Maybe because you suck, and are an enormous jerk. I don't know, just a theory.

The girls rise and begin the day of their final challenge with yet another one-on-one with Tyra. Eva says that becoming a supermodel was a dream, but never something that she thought was obtainable. Well, the "obtainable" part is still in question, if you ask me. She's excited and surprised that the last two girls are black. Tyra says that it's not about "us" thinking that a black girl needs to win Cycle 3, but rather that the two best happened to be black girls. And there has been a great deal of debate on the forums about whether race was a factor in selecting the final two and eventual winner. While I do think that Tyra and the producers probably would have liked to see a woman of color win the competition, you have to give credit to Eva for having the kind of personality and, if you will, star quality that makes you notice her. She's on the ball, she works hard, she's able to walk and pose successfully, and she has a certain radiance and charm about her which, if I may be so bold, former winners Adrianne "Methodone Clinic" Curry and Yoanna "Sickly" House lack. Yaya gets credit for...okay, nothing.

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