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Tyra notes that Eva says she was alienated from the other girls, and asks how it will be now that it's down to the final two. Eva says that she and Yaya have never taken it upon themselves to get to know each other, but that they've had this experience together, and that it's pointless to be enemies now. Eva asks Tyra why she thinks that Eva has potential. Tyra says that she sees a girl who's very troubled, but is dealing with that and trying to be better. And I'm not exactly sure what this has to do with modeling, but then again, I ask that question a lot with this show. She says it's not about perfection, but about striving to improve herself. Eva says that if she looks at what she's gone through in her past, it's hard to predict her future. She says that all she wanted was somewhere to sleep, or someone to hold her, or someone to love her. Oh, Eva! Ann would have been totally ready to give you all of those things, if she wasn't such a schizoid freak. But another lucky lady will come along, don't you worry. Eva says that she's admired so many people in her time, and that can't believe that she might be a person others admire. One step at a time, there, Danny DeVito. She says that there's no testimony without a test. I have to say, I would really like to know what Eva's deal is. She gives Tyra a big hug.

Yaya meets with Tyra. She says, "I wasn't expecting you to call me first...or at all." HA! Jerk. Tyra asks why Yaya would question belonging in the competition (answer: she didn't question it, and totally thinks she's going to win), and Yaya says something about being Afrocentric, and that she didn't fit the mold that the other competitors were filling (e.g., she is of superior intelligence). Tyra says that even though she wears a hair weave, she's still a black woman, and that she represents beauty to people who never thought black women were beautiful. She says that there's a way to make even the whitest of the whiteys -- from Alabama, no less -- like and enjoy her while still holding on to her Afrocentric identity. That is such a lie, because no one will ever like Yaya, ever.

The girls arrive at the fashion show. Eva says that she's excited because she can walk and plans to show it. Yaya says that she has butterflies in her stomach, and feels the same way she did when she walked across the stage and got her diploma. Hungover? Oh, maybe that was just me. She continues, "I know I haven't won yet but...almost." Ha! She totally thinks she's going to win. SUCKER! The Dowager Jay meets the girls and tells them that this show is not staged for them, but is a real fashion show. Yaya reiterates this point. Which is maybe a little dubious. The girls see the runway, which is sort of shaped like a square letter "b" that crosses itself at one point. Yaya says that they're used to a simple, linear runway, and that the "45-degree angles" on this one are bound to cause some confusion. And, apparently, they already have since they're actually 90-degree angles. The Brown administration might seriously consider adding basic math as part of its core curriculum. Jay tells the girls and the other models that they're going for a very Japanese, "Zen-style" show, which will entail a somber, slow walk. Eva interviews that she's nervous, because thus far they've been taught to be fierce on the runway, and that fierceness is an area in which she excels. Yaya is overconfident, as usual.

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