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The Girl Who Is Just Kind Of Dumb

Then there's Sarah, who "believes in life in prison." Sarah says that she's worked with a lot of amazing photographers in the past, and because Jay knows that he's expecting a little more out of her. After the shoot, Nigel says that he was surprised at how little he got out of Sarah. Additionally, her face did nothing for him, and she only has one look. Yikes! Sarah is pretty annoying, I have to say.

Next up is pro-gun Diana. She tells us that guns are bad, but that sometimes people need them for protection. Or to bring about justice, like in Avenging Angel! So she's all for that. Diana has to do some running and jumping for her photo. Jay says that she didn't commit 100%, and that when you don't commit, the photo falls flat.

We have a brief interlude focused on Jael complaining about how bad she feels...

...before we see Renee. She is decked out in hippie dippie wear to signify that she is anti-gun. Renee says that it's hard for her to convey peacefulness. Not because she's a bitch, but just because it's hard to portray. Uh-huh.

Jael is next, as a pro-lifer. She is very much pro-choice, so Jay tells her to think of something about which she's passionate enough to be chained to a clinic door. She has kind of a hilarious, old-fashioned '80s Midwestern housewife dress on. And that's how they look, you know. That's why celebrities never come out as being pro-life -- because they know that they'll have to really frump it up to make it believable. Jael tells us that her excitement is going to outweigh her illness, so her photo shoot will be stellar regardless. Jay and Nigel try to get her to step it up a little and put forth some energy, but her performance seems to be lackluster. Jay says that all he sees is nerves. Jael interviews that she knows she could have done so much better if she hadn't been sick, right before telling us that she's a no-excuses kind of girl. Well, clearly. In the room where all the girls are waiting, Jael wonders if hula-hooping will make her feel better. Didn't Dr. Weil write a book about that? The 60-Day Hula-Hoop Cure, maybe? Renee says that she knows Jael is all about being friends with everyone, and to each her own. Renee then says, "I know she's not going to win this competition." Bitchy, but probably factual. Sarah notes that, one minute, Jael was sick, and the next she was hula-hooping. She doesn't know if she was just making excuses in case she didn't do well or if she was psyching herself out. God, the girl's trying to cure herself through alternative healing. Leave her alone. Commercials.

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