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The Girl Who Is Just Kind Of Dumb

When we return, it's Natasha's turn to be pro-choice. Nigel asks if she understands the concept and she says yes, she's getting rid of the baby. Nigel says, no, it means that it's her choice whether to get rid of the baby or not. At least she can blame it on the language issue. Kathleen may sound like a foreigner, but really has no such excuse. Natasha interviews that she prefers not to be involved in the pol-IT-ics, she just wants to be a model. Nigel says that Natasha didn't seem to have any idea where he was or where the lights were, and just kept facing in all kinds of strange directions. True. The girl looks good, though.

Next is the gay marriage shoot. Whitney says that she thought it was interesting, because Samantha is the little southern belle from Alabama. And thus, most likely, hates the gays. Indeed, Samantha says that it was tough, because she has a boyfriend, and that it was hard to act like she was in love with another girl. Oh, get over it. Nigel tells both of them to turn their bodies more toward the camera. Jay tells the girls that they can be happy, because lesbians aren't serious ALL the time. Wait, you mean some lesbians might even have a sense of humor? I'll believe that when I see it! Whitney says that she goes to Dartmouth, and that playing college basketball definitely helped her with the lesbian scene. I'm surprised that they're not wearing flannel wedding gowns with cat ring bearers, to be honest with you.

Felicia is next as a straight bride, and tries out her British accent on Nigel. After finding out that she's actually from Houston, he says that it wasn't bad. Felicia has to pose next to a mannequin in a groom's tux. Nigel says that she needs to step it up, and that she could have played off of the mannequin more.

Vegan Dionne is next. She says that being a vegan means that you can only eat tomatoes, lettuce, carrots -- basically anything that grows out of the ground, like jalapeño peppers. You know, sometimes I get so down about the state of our political leaders these days. And then I watch this show and realize that it could all be so much worse. A vegetable-clad Dionne sits amidst ever more vegetables. Nigel thinks that she could have taken it up a notch.

Cassandra is next, on a table full of meat. Hams, sausages, Big Macs, you name it. She grabs a burger, and Jay tells her that tearing apart a chicken would be more editorial. Keep this in mind, you aspiring models out there! Jay says that all of the girls fell flat today, but that he knows that this is their first shoot, and that they put forth their best effort and tried hard.

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