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The Girl Who Is Just Kind Of Dumb

When we return, it is time for Panel. Tyra is there, wearing a do rag. She says, "Hello Miss Ladies" as the girls enter. Tyra says she knows their pits are sweating. Lord. There are prizes -- a contract with Elite Model Management, a cover and spread of Seventeen, and a $100,000 contract with Cover Girl. The judges, per usual, are Nigel Barker, Ms. J. Alexander, and Twiggles Twiglet Twiggy. We see Twiggy's Seventeen cover from 1874. Awesome.

Jael is first before the panel. Tyra notes that she was the challenge winner, and asks how that felt. Jael admits that she was nervous that it would change how the other girls treated her. Tyra asks if she wants to dull her shine to be liked, and Jael says she guesses so. Nigel tells her to do the best she can so that other girls can live up to being like her. Jael says she's been realizing that. I think Natasha's broken English is starting to rub off on the rest of the room. It's time to see Jael's pro-life picture. Jael says that she's very liberal and definitely pro-choice. Her photo is pretty, but the judges think that it lacks pro-life passion. Jael says that she did have a fever, and will never let illness affect her photos again. Bad move, man. Tyra says that Jael needs to pull it together, and that Tyra has been sick at Panel. Not only did she have to look good, she had to LEAD THE JUDGING PANEL. Do you understand? It's like a doctor performing life-saving surgery when her hand has been cut off. Heroic. Jael finally says that there's no excuse, and gets back in line. That sure learned her.

Next is pro-choice Natasha. Ms. J. says that it's like a Polaroid, and Twiggy says that Natasha blends into the background. Her face is expressionless and there's no connection with the camera. Well, that doesn't sound good.

Next is Dionne, who portrayed a vegan but really likes her meat. Ms. J. notes that she has a strong face, and they look at the close-up. Tyra says that the photo is good but not great, and that Tyra would like to see more neck and less jaw.

Next is pro-meat Cassandra. The discussion about her photo causes Tyra to say, "Oooh, I like the meat" twice. Someone should loop that to a techno beat. In general, the judges seem to like the photo.

Next is Renee, the peacenik. Nigel says that she slightly disappointed him. He got a great shot out of her, but all of her photos look just like that. Tyra notes that Renee looks scared, both in front of them and in the photo. Renee goes through the whole blah blah blah soncakes routine.

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