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The Girl Who Won't Stop Talking

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The Girl Who Is Just Kind Of Dumb

Diana is next with her pro-gun photo. She has dead eyes, but the face is almost there. Nigel liked shooting her, and says that she went for it. Didn't Jay say earlier that she didn't really go for it? In any case, he was impressed that she could move. I hope he's not just saying that because she's plus-sized.

Then, there is anti-fur Kathleen. Tyra asks what Kathleen's stance on fur is, and she answers thusly: "I believe that if the animal's alive, you shouldn't kill it to make a fur coat or anything. But, if it's already dead, could take the skin off. And just make a coat." And seriously, you guys...holy shit. Nigel starts cracking up. Tyra asks what she means by "if it's already dead," and Kathleen says, "Let's say, you know, because animals fight each other in the jungle, right? In the woods." Oh, man. I watched this episode with my aforementioned friend, Jessy, who is seven months pregnant. And she said, "If, in the next two months, I'm tempted to pick up a glass of wine, I'll see Kathleen's face in it and just put it right back down." At this point, both the judges and the girls are laughing at her. Twiggy tells her that that's not how fur coats are made. Kathleen says, "Animals die like people die naturally sometimes, right?" Apparently, they still don't have animals in Brooklyn? I thought the borough had taken care of that. Twiggy again says that those aren't the animals that they use for fur coats, and adds that she's very, very anti-fur. As is anyone with a brain and a conscience, I have to say. And then, Kathleen's photo. Nigel says that Kathleen had one of the best sets, but that it didn't seem like she completely understood the concept. Kathleen looks at him blanky and says, "I know, right? I didn't." Oh, Kathleen. Tyra tells her that if she doesn't understand a concept, she has to ask. Kathleen says that both Mr. Jay and Nigel explained it to her so many times, but she didn't want to seem slow or like she wasn't catching on. And then Ms. J. returns to his roots of hilarity and screeches, "Weeeeeeeeeeelllll....." Kathleen says that she's not slow. We know, we know. She's special.

Then there is pro-fur Brittany, whose photo gets mostly positive compliments. Ms. J. says that she's like a bird, and very striking.

Then there is lesbian couple of the year Whitney and Samantha. Whitney says that she's definitely been "exposed" to the lifestyle. God, it's not like hepatitis. Samantha breaks down southern stereotypes and says that she doesn't think that anyone should be able to tell anyone else that they can't marry the person they love, so she's fine with gay marriage. Go, Samantha! Nigel says that both of the girls did a good job, but didn't listen when he and Jay told them to turn their bodies toward the camera. Ms. J. says that Samantha stole the photo, and Twiggy compliments her on her exquisitely lovely neck.

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