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The Girl Who Is Just Kind Of Dumb

Man-loving Felicia is next, and her photo gets great reviews.

We then have Jaslene, who was pro-death penalty. And seriously, her photo is awesome. I mean, who would have thought, right? She actually looks kind of like Janice. The judges go gaga over it. Twiggy says that the camera loves her, and Tyra adds that there's something extra-special in it. Her eyes are alive. Tyra once again prompts her to be the crazy Jaslene we all knew and felt ambivalent about, and Jaslene says that if they want her to walk down 180 steps, she will, and the last step will be just as fierce as the first. Oh my God, she is such a queen. Tyra wants to see the personality. WE KNOW. I can't believe Jaslene is going to get the "no personality" edit this year.

And finally, there is Sarah, whose political view was "life in prison." Nigel says that both he and Jay were disappointed with her shoot, and that she didn't do anything with her face. Tyra tells Sarah that there are two kinds of prisoners -- those who have given up hope, and those who feel like they have nothing to lose and everyone else in the prison is scared of them. Okay, but is Sarah actually a prisoner? I thought she was just supposed to be anti-death penalty. Like Susan Sarandon in that movie. Maybe they should have dressed her up like a nun.

The judges deliberate. Renee has no photographic savvy, but they hope she'll learn. Ms. J. feels like she might crack under pressure. Jaslene is fierce. Felicia has beautiful bone structure, and Tyra thinks she looks like Noemie Lenoir. Twiggy loves Samantha's neck and jaw. Tyra thinks Samantha has the face, but maybe not the personality. Whitney, on the other hand, has the personality, but disappears in her photograph. Ms. J. loves Brittany's photo. Twiggy worries about Kathleen, and says that you kind of want to take Kathleen home and look after her. Ms. J. says, "I don't." Heh. Twiggy wonders if Kathleen can understand what's going on around her. Twiggy thinks Kathleen is retarded. And seriously, if you're too dumb for Top Model, you have a long road ahead in life. Cassandra's photograph is powerful, but Nigel doesn't think that she has model looks. The judges neglect talking about Dionne's photo in favor of talking about her weave. Sarah was a big fat disappointment. Twiggy says that she has a very long middle section of her body, which is quite strange to look at. Jesus. It's a long torso, get over it. Diana is perfectly proportioned, but doesn't deliver in the face. Nigel is afraid she's a little deadpan. Natasha needs to get beyond being pretty. Jael is tall, which Ms. J. loves, and also looks exotic. Tyra tells the other judges that she's half-black, which comes as a shock to all of them. Nigel says that she didn't deliver on the day of the shoot. Tyra says that she was confused about how Jael was conflicted about winning the challenge because she worried that people wouldn't like her. Nigel sarcastically says that everyone loves a loser. Isn't that the whole premise behind Charlie Brown? Jael would rock that yellow and black shirt.

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