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The Girl Who Is Just Kind Of Dumb

The girls return. Tyra tells them that, overall, they pretty much sucked on the photo shoot. She adds that, as models, it is their job to inspire and entertain. It's like a Make-a-Wish Foundation gift, but on a global scale. Tyra has twelve photos. She calls the following names: Jaslene, Brittany, Felicia, Diana, Samantha, Cassandra, Renee, Sarah, Dionne, Whitney, and Natasha. This, of course, leaves Jael and Kathleen. I can't believe they would get rid of either one of them! You talk about inspiring and entertaining! What more could you ask for? These girls could do a sketch comedy bit on The 700 Club! Anyway, Kathleen is dumb, and Jael wants too much to be liked. Jael won the challenge, so gets to stay. Tyra tells her that it's okay to do well. You can still be liked and be successful. Well, maybe. But you're not going to be liked as much, and that's the truth. Bitches are jealous, man.

Kathleen packs her stuff. She says she feels like she didn't even get to compete. But Tyra sees potential in her, and chose her to be in the house, and that means a lot to her. She says that she's not going to go home and sit on her couch like a big couch potato. She's going to work hard! That is, if she can find her way out of house. Goodbye, sweet Kathleen! We really will miss you.

Next week: the girls go back to school! Not literally, which is too bad for them, because some of them need a good remedial course or two.

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