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Amanda's skiing was scary rather than sad, according to Tyra, but she likes the fact that Amanda committed and tried, whereas some girls -- MICHELLE AND ANCHAL -- didn't try. Nigel thinks that Amanda looks like a dead spider in her photo. He says that her face is pretty and she's got great angles, but her body is so slim that she has to work with it to give them more angles.

Jaeda's sensual skipping gets applause from Tyra, but Miss J. says that she didn't want to be different when it came to the sensual part. Gabby says that she feels similar in being bigger, and that you should use your body every chance that you get. Jaeda kind of balks, I think at being called bigger, but Tyra says that Gabby just gave Jaeda a huge compliment in comparing her to herself. Tyra thinks that Jaeda's photo looks like Michael Jackson. She looks pretty chinny, and her pose isn't good.

Then there's Anchal, who gets roundly scolded for being so embarrassed and timid about everything they ask her to do. Tyra tells her that her exit from the judging Panel was one of the weirdest she's seen on Top Model, aside Jade's exit last season. Dude, no one is weirder than Jade, in any circumstance. Gabby tells Anchal that she needs to commit and be professional, and Tyra adds that this is a lesson not just for modeling, but for life. Anchal's photo is pretty in the face. Tyra says that Jay said that Anchal had some great shots, but in person she's not graceful. Nigel thinks that Anchal could have done more. Tyra thinks that she looks like Michael Jackson, too. Tyra is obsessed.

Melrose is next, and the judges laugh at her boxing joyfully. Melrose says that when she walked out of the room she realized how dumb she was. Nonetheless, the judges loved that she committed, even to the wrong idea. It was so wrong it was right, and the judges note to Anchal that she should take a lesson from it. I bet Anchal loves that. She also must love the way that the judges rave over Melrose's photo. I have to say that it's good, but I don't loooooove it. Tyra says that she had been thinking that maybe the photo shoot was too challenging and she shouldn't have had the girls do it, but then Melrose came along and proved that the other bitches just suck.

Then there is Caridee, who is widely loved for her dizzy hiding. She gets a round of applause from all of the judges. Twiggy says it was fantastic and brilliant, and the judges relive the highlights from her performance. Caridee's photo also gets raves. Tyra says that she looks like a superhero propelling forward. Tyra does bring up, however, that Caridee was out of control on the shoot, and that she could have hurt herself. This is a bad thing, even though Twiggy totally laughs. God, Twiggy, be serious! Someone could have poked out an eye!

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