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Then there is Michelle. The judges say that she was supposed to swim frighteningly. Nigel says, "And it was pretty frightFUL, I'm afraid." Well then she should get kudos, because her mission was to swim FRIGHTFULLY. Bitches. Michelle should kick them all in the teeth. Except for Gabby Reece, who deserves none of our ire. Michelle gets flak for not committing. Tyra says that when she sees girls like Michelle and Anchal, it makes her think about the girls from casting who would have done anything to be in the competition. When Michelle doesn't commit, Tyra feels like she's wasted space. Yowie. Tyra notes, however, that Michelle is the challenge winner, and says that she's got some issues around guys not thinking that a woman's career is as important, and that she came up with that shoot for personal reasons. Tyra, please don't try to humanize yourself. It only makes us uncomfortable. Twiggy likes Michelle's shot, and Tyra says that it's Michael Jackson again. Nigel likes the shot, too, but Tyra notes that Michelle's hands looked like catcher's mitts. Hey, the lady has some big hands. Some women would find that appealing.

The judges deliberate. Caridee photographs like a dream and makes the judges laugh. She's wonderful but she's crazy, and her tendency not to listen could be a liability. Anchal's photograph isn't bad, but overall she sucks. Melrose is dumb, but photographs amazingly and has a good attitude. Nigel says that the competition is separating into the girls who commit, and the girls who don't, and Melrose really commits. Amanda is good. Gabby loves Michelle's photograph, but Tyra doesn't know if she really wants this. Twiggy doesn't like Jaeda's photograph, but her attitude is improving. Eugena still isn't taking great pictures, but there's something very graceful and elegant about her. She needs to try harder.

Seven young ladies stand before Tyra. But Tyra only has six photos in her hands. And the photos go to: Caridee, Melrose, Jaeda, Amanda and Eugena. This, of course, leaves the girls who don't try -- Michelle and Anchal. Anchal's face is so beautiful that it's scary, but if she doesn't believe that and commit, the judges wonder why she's there and why she should continue in the competition. When you really want something, you show up hard and strong. And Michelle has natural talent. Some girls have it, even if they don't want it, and Michelle is one of those. But she has to want it, and then go on The Tyra Banks Show once every three months for the rest of her life to talk about what a fantastic, life-changing opportunity The Great and Powerful Tyra has given her. And also about how she's a lesbian. In any case, Michelle stays, and Anchal gets sent on the Gravy Boat home. Anchal and Caridee cry together. Anchal tells Melrose that she still hates her. Melrose laughs and jokes, but I think Anchal actually meant it. Anchal is disappointed in herself, but in a way she was expecting to be cut. She needs to get rid of her self-consciousness and then she'll be okay. She says that she believes that God has something planned for her. Yeah, like a big chicken pot pie. Hey, save some for me!

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