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Tyra Mail! "If you could bump one girl out of the competition, who would it be?" I expect a rousing chorus of, "MELROSE!!!!" Caridee deflects the fact that everyone is clearly thinking that by asking why everyone's looking at her. Oh, Caridee, unexpected tactician of tact.

Suddenly it's all sunny and we're at the beach. Hey, the beach! I remember when it was warm and didn't get dark at 4:30, too! Those were good times. The girls run through the sand and frolic until they come to professional athlete and model Gabrielle Reece, who is there to teach them about action modeling. Michelle says that she's really excited to see Gabby, because she's the perfect example of someone who is athletic and can also model. And, also, she's pretty hot. Gabby says that she used to model, and played professional beach volleyball after that. She always did modeling that had a lot of action in it. Jaeda tells us that she plays volleyball in college, and so she was excited to see Gabrielle. It gave her a better attitude about this whole competition. Until she noticed Gabby's lovely, flowing locks, and then it was back to he customary whining.

Gabby says that she's going to teach the girls to dive for a volleyball and look good for the camera. She sends them off to put on the appropriate attire, which is in this case a bikini. Everyone's stripping down and whatnot, and then there is Anchal, who says that her fat is going to jiggle everywhere. Anchal interviews that she's not a sporty person and her body isn't in the best shape right now. She isn't happy to be in a bikini doing action moves. The editors helpfully zoom into her stomach which, in all fairness, is indeed a little jiggly. I'm not saying that mine looks a whole lot better, because Lord knows hitting thirty was not kind to my love handles. But I think Anchal just has the kind of body type that does not lend itself well to a six-pack. It's a curvy and voluptuous and gorgeous body, but I can see how, even though she's not fat by any stretch, she might have some issues standing next to all those bony bitches. She tells the other girls that she feels gross and doesn't want to be there. Oh, then quit the show and go eat a Ring Ding. God. Melrose interviews that Anchal doesn't like to be in a bikini because she has a little extra weight on her that, as a model, she can't really have. I say go for being a plus-sized model. It seems like the best deal. You can be, like, a size ten and a totally healthy weight and still work and also eat a big cream puff in front of all those other models who are starving themselves. That would be awesome.

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