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Finally, there is Michelle. She's excited because she's good at taking pictures, and sports and action is her thing. She has some crazy facial expressions. She then walks up on Staton's car, and totally, like, pokes a hole in the hood with her stiletto. It must not be Stanton's actual car, because he kind of laughs at it. Otherwise, I think he might choke a ho. Caridee twirls the racing flag like the color guard member that you know she was in high school.

The girls line up to hear who the winner is. It's Michelle! So the stiletto thing must not have been a huge deal. Caridee says that it was exciting because Michelle has never won a challenge, and it was nice to see something go to someone other than Eugena or Melrose. Hold that thought, okay? Michelle gets to pick three friends to share in her prize. She chooses Caridee, Amanda, and Melrose. Jaeda interviews that she was surprised about the Melrose choice, because, as has been sufficiently documented, everyone totally hates Melrose. I'm sure that Michelle is just being nice and polite and returning the favor since Melrose chose her to be in the Seventeen shoot. I'm not saying that she won't come to regret that decision, I just think that's the logic behind it. James says that the prize is the opportunity for a 10,000 shopping spree. There is much squealing. Anchal interviews that of course she's sad that she can't share in the reward, and adds that she's the only girl who hasn't been chosen for any of the prizes. Well, try winning a challenge or being less annoying, Nell Carter. I have to say that I'm quickly losing patience with Anchal, too.

So then, this happens. The girls go to a fashion showroom where Stanton is waiting for them, along with Kate Nobelius, the Founder and Co-President of Couch Nobelius. If your business partner is a couch, do you think that you still have to split the profits down the middle? Couch Nobelius's biggest event is their Billion Dollar Babes sample sale. In the room is over $10,000 worth of clothes, handbags, and jewelry. Stanton says that today, they will partake in a shopping spree. Each girl will have thirty seconds to go to the showroom and put on as many clothes as she can. Everyone has to be back by the thirty second mark or they are disqualified. The person with the most clothes wins everybody's clothes. At this, all the girls (except, tellingly, for Melrose, who has what can only be classified as a shit-eating grin), are like, "Whatchu talking 'bout, Stanton Barrett?"

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