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The girls head to an airport, where they see skydivers. Jay jumps out of a plane, and tells the girls that today is about being in flight. They've got expert action photographer, Patrik Giardino, to shoot the girls. The extra-exciting news it that today is the girls' first Cover Girl assignment. Cover Girl is adding a new foundation to their line of products -- TruBlend Whipped Foundation. It will make your face feel easy, breezy, and beautiful, like the back of a horse's bottom. TruBlend is all about being light and weightless, and so, quite logically, the girls will be playing sexy space sirens. Jay says that they're not going to take the girls up 14,000 feet and throw them out of a plane. Not even Melrose? PLEASE? However, the girls will be put in the air. There is a skydiving training facility at the airport, so the girls will be put over a huge fan that makes them airborne. Anchal says that she's always wanted to take an indoor skydiving lesson, so this is super-exciting.

The girls go in the facility, where they meet instructor Shane Hillyer, who has some cool moves. He tells them that the key to flying with the fan is staying slow and controlled. Remember this. The girls go to hair and makeup, where there is a lot of talk about how awesome and natural TruBlend Whipped Foundation is.

Michelle is first. She is sort of a test case for the fact that it's hard to look pretty when a fan is blowing you all around. She tells us that an instructor holds them the whole time, but once you reach out to change your position, it's really easy to lose your balance and your body flips everywhere. Jay says that Michelle's body language was good, but her body lacked a lot of grace and her hands looked like catcher's mitts. Oh, get an original line! Michelle says that the whole thing was harder than she thought it would be, and she doesn't think she did that great. It all sort of looks like that scene in Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (the original, of course) where Charlie and Grandpa Joe have to burp themselves down or get chopped to bits in the fan.

Next is Jaeda, who is feeling confident about the shoot because she has a Cover girl face and a Cover Girl attitude. She tells us that when you step into the chamber, your whole face is flapping all over the place. She worked really hard to keep her body and face relaxed. Jay tells us that in general Jaeda is not the most graceful girl on set, but this shoot might save her, because she looked great. Then there is Amanda, whose lanky body is flying everywhere. She says that she had a hard time getting used to it, and that it was a lot of work. Anchal says that Amanda's body was flailing around like a rag doll. If Amanda is Raggedy Ann, Anchal is just raggedy. Amanda says that the whole thing was crazy, but so much fun. Jay loved that Amanda put one arm up and reached the other to her chest. It looked graceful, like a ballerina in the sky. In crappy makeup.

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